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Pascal's Wager

The Americas Cup will be contested in and around March 2000 in Auckland, New Zealand. Seems to me a smart camper on a visitor's visa might find missing the northern (digital) winter very attractive.

You might want to consider getting here in time for the Louise Vutton Cup in 1999. Cheer for Dennis Connor.. he will need all the support he can get sailing against the other Challengers.

Now if TSHTF then you will have to stay because there will be no way home by air or sea. NZ is a quiet country, out of the way, we don't carry guns and we put people away who do. We grow our own food and generally want technically competent law abiding folks to stay with us.

On the other hand if Y2K turns out a fizzer you have had a great holiday in the South Pacific.

Check out

-- Bob Barbour (, November 04, 1998


There are a number of great spots to be, however, most of us don't have the $$$ to take our families there. I'll have to get the America's Cup results on my hand crank shortwave radio.

-- Bill (, November 04, 1998.

Wasn't NZ the last place to be affected by (radiation) disaster in that Nevil Shute novel.

-- Richard Dale (, November 04, 1998.

New Zealand has (The Americas Cup) a North Island, a South Island , a Stewart Island lots of little islands and, with closer economic relations (CER), a Western Island. I think it was the Western Island (Australia) that Neville Shute was talking about. Now that is about like saying 'The Last Canadian' is about an American. Despite my dig at my near neighbours, Australia is NOT part of New Zealand in the same way as Japan is not part of China.

-- Bob Barbour (, November 05, 1998.

I'll just get the info from my brother, who got the phone call a couple months ago that you DON'T say no to....... Seems the NYYC called him up and "invited" him out to do some judging for them. He got put on the finish line boat, without the usual 10 yrs of apprenticeship, and is now mulling the invitation to join. His comment to me was something about being this year's charity candidate, though I know he's reasonably well paid as a (as Cory would put it) "Geek-codehead". He did indicate that this is a whole different level of being "well off".


PS He said to me that if he couldn't sail his way to the Cup, he'd just have to judge it! ROFLOL!! C

-- Chuck etc (, November 05, 1998.


Memories of New Zealand are among my fondest, but I doubt I'll be fortunate enough to pass that way again, at least in this life.

For the rest of my days, as opportunity presents, I shall pass on to others such knowledge as I posess of that beautiful land and the wonderful people who live there.

May the Future be kind to you and yours and may Fate deal gently with the enchanted islands that are "N Zed Land"

-- Hardliner (, November 05, 1998.

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