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This article (actually an opinion) speaks for itself

-- Elbow Grease (, November 03, 1998


The interesting thing about the article is that it implies that only computer manufacturers are concerned about the legal consequences of making disclosures about their Y2K status. That's clearly not true -- EVERY company is concerned about it. For example, check out the Y2K page of US West, which uses the Good Samaritan law to protect itself.

It's possible that the author of this article would be willing to generalize his argument, and claim that ALL industry is trying to avoid taking responsibility for its actions ... but in any case, the computer hardware and software companies will be only a tiny part of the overall collection of companies affected by Y2K...


-- Ed Yourdon (, November 03, 1998.

At least they have to admit they have problems to get protection under the law. That is worth something - though not very much.

-- Paul Davis (, November 03, 1998.

I believe that this is step #1. Y2K is going to be SO BIG and affect SO MANY, that nobody will be safe from the sharks. If they haven't done it yet, governments will next pass laws exempting themselves from litigation from Y2K suits. (unless they decide to try another travesty of justice ala the Tobacco lawsuits) If it turns out to be as big a disaster as I think it might, maybe we will see some sort of 'blanket' protection to protect everyone from the 'sponge off the wealth and productivity' of society bloodsuckers.

Personal aside: I take real joy in seeing Bill Clinton, the friend of the trial lawyers, taking such a beating because of a suit brought against him by trial lawyers.

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 03, 1998.

Hey-- if the courts are still in working order after the roll-over, able to deal with all that vicious litigation, we'll still have a functioning society. Contentious, maybe, but functioning. Don't knock it.

-- Tom Carey (, November 04, 1998.


Dont knock it

Knock what? Do you mean the lawyers sucking the life out of all that is productive? Have we become a society of infants who need a sticker on our ladder to tell us we may fall off of it? Or a sticker on our bike that tells us that we may be hit by a car if we ride at night without a light? How about the scumbag that sued Mc Ds because, OH MY GOD, the coffee that spilled on her lap was HOT! Shocking! Whats next, cold ice cream? My god, I got a headache from eating it too fast, and needed medical attention, who can I sue? These a-holes, the civil trial lawyers, will hasten the demise of the USA, just watch and see.

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 04, 1998.

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