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Hi again folks. Just an FYI .... Today's Cleveland Plain Dealer business section ran a great article on year 2000 using Progressive Insurance Company as an example of not being ready.

Progressive is a MAJOR company here. They began testing on / about 1995 and have spent over 6.5 million dollars.

When testing began it was noted that the system would not print renewal bills. You can research article on aol under local news and simply go to ohio, search Cleveland Plain Dealer

There it is. More to follow. I know I wont be working come Jan 1999.

-- Insurance Agent (, November 03, 1998


There I was, madly posting an article and what do I see, (after posting of course)? A post on the same article! But, what you forgot to mention, is that they found the problems in their time warp lab, as they were TESTING!!! LOOK< IT'S 1998 fer cryin out loud an they're into FULL SCALE TESTING!!!!!! We do NOT expect them to be ready NOW!!! Give them the rest of the year and a half for testing!!

And before you say I'm one a' dose Pollywhatever guys, I'm NOT (our scale about a 6.5-7.5)!!!! I DO, however believe in identifying where the glass is 3/4 full not 1/4 empty!!!!!

(pls see joanne effect thread down about 10 on the index)


-- chuck da night driver (, November 03, 1998.

Easy Chuck. My apologizes for posting after you. I guess I did not see your's first. Let me shed a lil light on this for you. I know some of Progressives IT staff personally, although glass may appear 1/2 full, you make your own assumption. Paul correctly stated that 6.5 is notta to Progressive. It is good to be put in my place once in awhile, and I feel to some degree you have done so. I can take it. However, look at some of the other posts. I have stated before and will continue to do so until otherwise. I have worked with many companies, NOT ONE is compliant, (make you feel better if i say )YET? The date to watch for is 1/99 for the industry. Did you note that prog. stated it would'nt/couldnt generate renewal bills? Hint hint, renewal time is 1-1-99 pal, so lets calculate that, hummm...see where I am going with this? Although it sounds good, the bottom line is such, Progressive should have been done by now. Policies most anyway go on a year to year format. True, some are still 6 mos., but lets talk about the motorcycle policies, they are ALL yearly. Again I say, they should have been DONE by now.

-- insurance agent (, November 03, 1998.

Renewal and premium prorata are classic applications of date processing, dates are used throughout insurance systems. The company I worked with had many y2k problems, Insurance may be hit worse than banks if they're not prepared. Though I suppose General insurance business could be picked up by a compliant company. People may find themselves not under cover.

-- Richard Dale (, November 04, 1998.

NAH! I owe YOU the appology. BUT, I've got relatives there (IT Training) and my other half just finished a 6 month temp assignment there in IT HR which had her reporting to 1 level down from Peter.


-- Chuck, etc (, November 05, 1998.


Thanks again. I dont mean to come on tooo strong, although at times i know i do. <<<<
-- insurance agent (, November 05, 1998.

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