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I'm just curious to know how many people have tried Bodyopus and what results they've obtained.

-- Musclemax (, November 02, 1998


What is Bodyopus?

-- Brock Marcus (, November 26, 1998.

yeah, it works. it just reaks havoc with your brain. going into ketosis is not fun. you get tired and weak, but then you return to normal.

-- joe klarer (, February 21, 1999.

Bodyopus takes alot of determination. You really have to know what kind of food you can eat and what to stay away from. start off slow because you go thur alot of alot of change in the beginning of the diet.

-- Darin D Meeks (, April 25, 1999.

Brutal. But definitely worth it. If you make it past Tuesday, you should be O.K. Wednesday and Thursday you have to fight just to eat (loss of appetite). If you can keep up with every 2 hour carb-ups, the pump you get on Monday is pretty remarkable.

-- Mitch Gold (, May 13, 1999.

Yes, it works. I belive it's no longer published, so buy a copy while you still can. I'm stronger now then I was last year, and fifteen pounds lighter - thanks to bodyopus.

-- C.Beard (, September 12, 1999.

I lost 25 lbs in 2 months of the bodyopus diet. I am more muscular and stronger. It's definantely the way to go, if you are interested in the way you look. 4 months later, I keep my carbs at a high of around 100 g per day and have gained no weight back. The key is what you eat and when you eat. All this with no aerobics at all, just alot of iron work.

-- John Hyatt,Jr. (, October 07, 1999.

yes i beleave its gana work, I started it on sunday and its now friday i weighed 219 on sun.and now i am at 211,of course i will gain some of that back this weekend,during my carb up.I hope to get to about 6% b.f .besides being tired as hell, and weak,its went good.i didnt cheat on my diet any,but my workout tomorow is going to be hell.bit of advice if you do this diet ,stock up on flaxseed oil,and im gona start my carb up with cell tech.I beleave loading creatine after Ketossis will work great.anyone want to know how my second week is going e-mail me next week

-- (, January 28, 2000.

BodyOpus was ahead of its time but is now far out of date. It will probably not be republished and there will be no updates from the author.

Check out "The Ketogenic Diet" by Lyle McDonald.

Lyle includes references to the actual studies and doesn't demand that you depend only on his word.

Note that only beginners will be able to build muscle at any significant rate while in ketosis.

Lyle describes several strategies for cycling between the fat burning stage of ketosis and the muscle building stage of non-ketosis. This rachets the muscle volume up and fat volume down but requires significant discipline.

-- bob cruder (, May 11, 2000.

Let me add to my earlier comments in May of 1999.

After continued use of BodyOpus and more specifically, "The Ketogenic Diet"., I am totally convinced of its merits. This is true science in action. I am in agreement with Dan Duchaine who said that the lack of popularity of this diet was not due to failure of the diet, but rather failure of the dieter. It takes incredible discipline and you must train intensely as well as abandon your previous/traditional food preferences.

-- mitch gold (, June 05, 2000.

Have fun with it, learn from it, but don't get too obsessed. I've found that the highs and lows depend a lot more on water retention than on actual fat loss. The mirror will fool you. Everyone is reluctant to go 70% fat but this will deepen ketosis and will rid you of hunger. Be careful, I couldn't stop eating even after two days of bingeing on the weekend carb-up. One item that has little sex appeal to bodybuilders but did help me was to eat some damn fiber. Duchaine, if I recall, doesn't mention fiber but it does help with hunger and cravings. Have a half cup of Fiber One every other day in the morning with chocolate whey and water. Its not bad and the carb amounts are lower than listed because fiber should be subtracted from the overall carb count. I believe Fiber One has 24 grams listed but would be counted as 10 or so because the fiber counts for 14 grams. Fiber will not make you fat (during the lo-carb phase or carb-up) if your calories are below maintenance. By the way, I need to contact people with above average bodybuilding/fitness knowledge in the Orange county area. I am in the personal training business and we are expanding rapidly. The 411? You'll make 80k or more if you're good. No b.s. and no mlm, my company is in a major national fitness chain going through another growth spurt. I started two years ago at twelve dollars an hour, I now earn $126,000. E-mail me.

-- Dan Fahey (, August 11, 2001.

Ive been on the diet for 5 months now, im stronger and faster now than i was in high school and im 32yrs old, when people see me they are stunned about how i look, im still looking for the down side, have not found one yet, after you get use the the diet it is very easy, one important thing to remember is that there is zero room for error, if this diet isnt done right, it wont work, plain and simple, to me this is identical to the atkins diet in which i have tried and turned into a walking zombie, the difference here is that you get a chance to eat every week and whatever you want and how much you want, but the trick is, when its time to stop eating,that means its time to stop, in my opinon the food that is eaten on the carb binge is the food that if eaten all the time will cause serious health problems and lead to pre mature aging and serious illnesses. The food eaten on the weekend should be enough to fuel your workouts throughout the week, if you feel extremely tired durning the week then you did not eat enough, so when you decide to eat, eat eat and eat some more, this will contribute to great workouts and good pumps.

-- john tiburcio (, December 28, 2001.

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