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Thanks for the info on water spots to all. I have made a number of contact prints. Many are lighter on the right edge of the print, about 1/2 inch wide top to bottom. I don't see any thing on most of the negatives, all though a couple are darker on the edge. Is this due to some development problem. I use a JOBO tank and a Besler motor drive with constant 180 reversing motion. My tank is much like a 35mm tank. I do 8 negatives at a time with 10 oz of chemical at room temperature for 6.75 minutes in Extoll. I guess the negative is streaked on the edge.


-- Tim Kimbler (, November 02, 1998


Please tell us which edge, assuming that the code notches are in the lower right hand corner with the emulsion facing the viewer, is affected by the abnormality.

When the negatives are loaded into the drum, does the edge that is affected run at a 90 degree angle to the rotation, or is the edge in line with the rotation?

-- Marv Thompson (, November 02, 1998.

The bright spot is on the edge opposite the notched edge on all the negatives with the problem. I guess that would be the end of the negative. That edge is in line with the rotation.


-- tim kimbler (, November 02, 1998.

I would look for a light leak first. If the end of the negative is at the point where the dark slide goes in and out of the holder, it is the way I load the holders, I suspect a holder that is allowing light in. I would try to isolate the holder that is the problem.

When you process the negatives, do all of them have the defect on the same edge or just random negatives in the batch. If is is random negatives that also would point towards a film holder problem. For it to be an aggitation problem, I think all of the negatives that lay along the line of rotation should exhibit the defect.

-- Marv Thompson (, November 03, 1998.

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