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Apparently this gentleman has the answer to the problem. Ignore it. However, to endanger another is inexcusable.

Try telling that to the elderly woman who called David Kuntarich, president of Crown Point-Sopakco Sales in Mullins, S.C., makers of military-style ready-to-eat rations.

``She had been cruising the Net and getting worked up over the disaster that she thought Y2K problems were going to cause. She wanted to buy enough [military rations] for herself and her family. She thought she was calling too late to get what she needed.''

Kuntarich, a native of Crown Point, Ind., said, ``I told her that it was nice that she was taking steps to protect her family. I told her there might be problems, but they would not be severe. I told her to shut off her computer and stop worrying.''

This also sounds like the Federal Spin Doctors' Official Line. They may be guilty on a much larger scale.

-- Mike Lang (, November 02, 1998


I suspect Mr. Kuntarich was attempting to prevent what some might interpret as 'Y2K fraud' on his part. It is unfortunate he took the 'don't worry about it at all' route - though I think he was just playing it safe (short-term). And you can't really blame him too much.

In an earlier thread I acknowledged the high potential for fraud and scam among the elderly population with regard to Y2K issues and lamented the fact that AARP (Amer. Assoc. of Retired People) was not providing stronger leadership on this issue so that seniors could get good, reliable advice and not become the victims of our lower life forms.

AARP is the only organization that can possibly take a leadership role here and work effectively to calm fears, provide useful information, help seniors to prepare and avoid costly scams. They must wake up and begin to take this more seriously at the national level. There are some very good people there who are asleep at the wheel.


-- Arnie Rimmer (, November 02, 1998.

You're right about a lack of leadership...I e-mailed Consumer Reports and asked them about whether they were planning on doing any reports on generators or dehydrated food (figured to keep it simple) and they replied that they weren't planning on reporting on either, but it was a nice idea and have a nice day.

-- Karen Cook (, November 02, 1998.

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