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Okay, this is kind of an obvious question. (or at least it was to me). While Onan and sybil are kissing through the hole in that wall, it becomes obvious that she can climb through. Despite the fact that if the thing i am about to suggest may have terminated the latter part of the ephisode, why didnt Sybil just crawl through the hole to Monica? Or by then was she so attached to trevor that she didn't want to go? If i've missed anything crucial, please tell me. : )

-- B.Perry (, November 01, 1998


I don't think the hole was big enough to climb through. I think it was just large enough for them to stick their heads through. If it looks big enough to climb through sometimes, it was probably just a director's mistake.

That's just my opinion, though.

-- Frostbite (, November 01, 1998.

Yeah, I guess you're right. I just couldn't think of any other question to ask. Anyways, (although I'd like to think of it like this) its not like the characters have a mind of their own to know that stuff. Like you said, Director's mistake.

-- B.Perry (, November 02, 1998.

If your looking for something to do, go answer my "Tell me a story" question. Or have you already? I haven't checked the answers yet

-- Frostbite (, November 03, 1998.

Actually, the hole is too small to crawl through. However, I think they were able to have sex through it - when they were together the second time, the transition screen showed sperms moving around, then it went back to them saying goodbye. As Sybil was walking away she said something like,"There's something different, it's not like before." I think they were having sex.

-- Kris (, April 09, 1999.


-- Philip Mills (, April 09, 1999.

Sybil wanted to prove to Onan she was strong enough to get to Monica using D section, if she crawled through the hole she might have been appearing as a coward taking the easy way out, but like Frostbite said, it just might have been a director's mistake.

-- N. D. Smith (, February 24, 2001.

Or Sybil's. Isn't it interesting that when she lost her legs, it leaves one with the impression she's lost Onan. A big price to pay to get hip to this louse, but do you think she lost Trevor? Or would he simply make her new legs, per example: Scafandra. I rather think Trevor would be undaunted by a girl with no legs.

-- Barb e. (, February 24, 2001.

I think she got hip to this louse before(she realizes what was going on when he askes for another chance, she didn't know they had broken up) she made the move the jump is for her so she can know she has the strength. She is up until she desides to make the jump dependant on men. She wanted Onans approval of her strengths so bad and at the end she realized that she didn't need it she found her personal power(Tony Robbins). I love when she feels defeated by life and in Trevors grasp she submits only to moments later lash out and decare herself free. There is something to hitting rock bittom.

-- (, February 24, 2001.

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