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I know that several people have said that they thought that the Toyo 45CX was a better entry level camera than the cadet (in other postings), but has anyone purchased one of these units and what comments do you have?

I saw one at the Photo Expo East, and the Toyo does look and feel like a better camera than the Cadet (it felt and looked steadier and has geared fine focusing). Before I put my money where my mouth is, I'd like to hear any comments the forum has.


-- Stuart Goldstein (, October 31, 1998


I was at photo expo and talked to the rep a lot. Its a great entry level camera if you dont need gear rise and fall and a rotating back. It looks a lot nicer than the cadet (which it was designed to take out) It will take the reflex viewing hood (which only makes it rightside up, left and right are still reversed.) For 500 bux its hard to go that wrong with this camera.

-- al (, November 01, 1998.

Al, I really doubt that the this new Toyo was designed to "take out" the Calumet cadet. Calumet probably sells as much if not more Mamiya/Toyo equipment as anybody in the world. The strategy is probably to help broaden that market for 4x5 student / beginners-on-a-budget cameras. Toyo's strategy is most likely to get you hooked into their system.

Stuart, I "played" with the 45cx for about an hour at local demo about two months back. It feels fine, if very "plasticy." On the plus side I like it's expandability into the larger, and better built, Toyo system. I also like that it has removable bellows, a graflock back and the price. On the down side? Sooner or later one of those plastic fittings may crack when you don't want it too and you'll feel the need to upgrade but by then you will either know you like LF or not and you will have gotten your moneys worth out of it.

These days, after only twelve years of LF photography I sort of view equipment as a necessary evil. So the real questions I think you should asking yourself from here onward are:

"Do I like the way this camera/tripod/tripod head/ meter/darkcloth/filter system feels?"

"Does it feel like this particular piece of equipment will help or hinder me achieve my photographic goals?"

Good luck and welcome to LF photography.

-- Ellis (, November 01, 1998.

i saw one in a camera store in Seattle yesterday and played with it. there is a lot of plastic in that camera, and it is very light. i think the price on the floor was 5-50, something like that. But then I noticed that there were some really nice used 4X5 monorails avalible in stores for one to a hundred and fifty dollars cheaper. my own camera is heavy metal which i got for considerably less that 5- 50, and i've never had any wind problems with it. this new camera, it just does not seem it would tolerate heat, wind, rain, sun...very well - or any kind of rough treatment. out of the box, it is cute, but where can you take it? i think it is one of the most delicate cameras i've ever saw.

-- david clark (, November 01, 1998.

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