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Where can I find information on Italians In San Francisco during the 1800th.

-- Anthony Sica (, October 31, 1998


i too look for such info. currently i am researching my family who had several stores and an import co. in the city from 1880's until 1954. well, there are several magazines/newspapers etc. that can be obtained from libraries. one good pub, was l'italia which became several other names....very good..found my g'grandfather's stores etc. w/ pics and descriptions and, when i followed the ads, found a bit more about their history: e.g., name changes etc.

-- rik granucci (, February 17, 1999.

Check ou the book "The Italians of San Francisco 1850 - 1930" by Deanna Gumina (Center for Migration Studies 1978, 1985) It is written in both English and Italian. Iit has GREAT detailed references to the entire Italian community and their influences in San Francisco.

-- Judy De Bella (, July 02, 1999.

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