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I'm mounting a lens to a board for the first time. I understand the instructions, it looks easy, and I've got a spanner wrench to tighten the retaining ring. My lens has a Copal #0 shutter, and the instructions provide that you can either use or remove the lens alignment pin on the back of the shutter. If used, the pin apparently fits into a small hole drilled in the board to help keep the lens from moving around when mounted in the board.

If I use the pin, I'll probably want to take the board to a shop to get it drilled in the proper diameter, depth, and place. Do you recommend using the pin, or should I just unscrew it (as the instructions provide if you don't want it) and mount the lens without it?

Thanks for your advice.

-- Greg Lawhon (, October 30, 1998


I would probably try mounting it without the pin and see how well that works. If you have trouble with the lens turning in the lens board, replace the pin, drill the board, and remount. [Of course, be careful not to lose the pin.]

-- Mike Dixon (, October 30, 1998.

It is usually easier if you cut a slightly greater than pin width notch rather than a seperate hole. If you are worried a bout light leaks, there is no need to.

-- Ellis (, October 31, 1998.

I've found that a small 3 sided file works really well and quickly for making a notch to fit the small screw. It takes about 5 minutes. Accuracy is not required, just try the fit from time to time. I think it's worth keeping the alignment screw.

-- Don Wong (, November 30, 1998.

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