opinions concerning the 'best' normal lens for a 6x9

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I have a Horseman VHR with the horseman pro 105 lens. I am interested in upgrading and seek any opinions about which focal length and which lens gives the best image. I have a nikkor 65 and a 270 tele as well. Another option is to find a used fuji GW690.

-- Raymond L. Fenio (rfenio@indiana.edu), October 30, 1998


Let me narrow my question somewhat. I am considering lenses in the 90 to 120 range such as the 100 APO symmar, 105 Nikkor, etc. I mention the fuji GW690 only because I borrowed one from a friend and it was sharp and relatively cheap. Has anyone compared the results of say the fuji to a apo symmar on a 6x9?

-- Ray Fenio (rfenio@indiana.edu), October 30, 1998.

If you don't mind losing the capabilities of rise/fall and the ability to focus closely, then you'll be vey happy with the Fuji 690. All of the top four (Nikon, Rodenstock, Schneider & Fujinon) are very,very close in quality. My preference is Nikon or Rodenstock, Followed by Fujinon, followed by Schneider. But this is just my taste in color rendition and that hard-to-define-thing called "feel" in my color images. Of course what you give up with a view camera is speed and spontenaiety.

-- Ellis (evphoto@insync.net), October 31, 1998.


There is actually another alternative that has not been mentioned. Nikon makes a lens for 6*9 that I find useful. I is called the 105mm F3.5 M. Yes the aperture is 3.5 and it is a part of the M series nikkors, but I don't think it is a Apo. The lens is very sharp. At least mine is. It is considerably easier to focus on the ground glass than a f5.6 lens and it is very small. (smaller than the 200mm f8 M) The trouble is that it is very hard to find, even on the used market. B & H had it new but since they no longer advertise them I wonder if the still carry the lens. Don't expect it to be too much cheaper than a 200mm M. Pat

-- Pat Raymore (Patrick.f.Raymore@KP.Org), November 01, 1998.

Thanks to all who contributed opinions to my question. I have decided to go with the 105 Nikkor -M which I found at a resonable price. Ray Fenio

-- Ray Fenio (rfenio@indiana.edu), November 10, 1998.

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