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I am a dom male in Gulfport ms new to the net, 42 years old first exp in s/m was in 77 but locally and till 9/17 all I han was contact mags 6 relationships met 2 couples. not a want to be. Hard to into vanillas but finding all these ads of sub females lots! Many Many responces, mostly bs and one liners few real folk Is it me or is all this mind candy ? I have me with a group in Mobile castel of thorns is great folk The web is the only way I could find out and tring to find out more NOrleans 3 groups 2 or 3 inquires 0 respnces in the past A single male had to be gay and sub There must be more in the area? what is the % of real on the net? personal contact anybody know a good place to get gear? south ms I did meet a couple from BR at a nudist camp in slidell ther wwere members, group of swingers, group of bd ers (15 couples and a sub guy)? I heard talk of cuttig and needles but saw nothing. They expeced me to bring my gal and jump in no safe sex wfo no limit. and there personal video didnt impress me b/d or s/m but realistic more than beginers but not much more.

Well re there any realistic people ( single females especiall ) out there wanting a real interaction, discussion, friendship idea exchange , imforation exc? not cyber bs Thanks Marvis

-- Marvis Fairley (, October 30, 1998

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