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My company implemented work teams in the early and mid 1990's. Now, 5 years have elapsed, and there is some movement to determine whether or not a team-based environment has been a worthwhile investment. With ever-increasing cost and competitive pressure, the question continues to surface as to whether or not we should continue to remain in a team structure.

I'm looking for feedback as to the general results for other companies who have been in a team orientation for about as long as we have. I'd like to understand what the challenges have been, and a sense of a report card-like grade for the whole team endeavor. Do you or your company get what you "paid for" so to speak, and was it worth it?


-- Torrey Kelley (, October 30, 1998



We started teams / SDWT's around the same time you did. It has definitely been successful and has more than paid for itself, both in productivity and employee satisfaction. My company recently won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (govt's highest award for performance excellence). Teams were a HUGE part of that.

My particular division is non-union, but our parent company has a successful mgmt/union partnership (also team based). Both have done well. With regard to companies who are trying to decide whether to use this approach or not, I guess it all depends on the type of work you do. For us, it was definitely the way to go. The only thing we really lack now, to "kick it up a notch" is to implement team-based compensation. This will be a goal for '99.

-- Amy Gillespie (, January 19, 1999.

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