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Hello Folks:

With the exception of Yeh Rong who is excused (if not he has to spend S$1,000), can we all meet at my place on Sunday? No preparation required, no food required, all prepared for you if you can spare the time. How about that?

Lai leh! Mai phai say leh!

Leave a note for me, especially our friends of the fairer gender. Then I can mobilise the preparations.

Just bring yourselves, the necessary gears if you wanna swim, (nude bathing is not widely accepted in Bayshore yet, care to pioneer the movement?), my address is:

62, Bayshore Road, #30-04, Pearl Tower. Bayshore Park. Spore 469983

Home Tel: 245 2669 Mobile: 9617 6996


-- Anonymous, October 29, 1998

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