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'The Year 2000 Millennium Bug Report' Is now available for purchase, this 'report' is an excellent tool to get the message out to friends, relatives, community leaders and workplace management; - read what nice things people are saying about the report.

The Year 2000 Millennium Bug Report By T.J. Wilbur

Tim Wilbur is to be congratulated on finally bringing to the public a thorough, and eye opening report on the Year 2000 Millennium Bug.

As a veteran software pioneer, I was expecting yet another dry, but informative discussion on the causes of the year 2000 problem. Much to my surprise, I instead found a provocative, no holds barred presentation of information, not only of the year 2000 issue, but more importantly, about solutions and planning as well.

The report was so gripping, I could not lay it down until I read it cover to cover. It gave me many ideas that I could immediately put into practice. One of the more interesting features of this comprehensive report is that it is readable and useful for both year 2000 authorities and novices alike. In it, you'll find a complete description of the problem, and it's effect on municipalities, utilities, companies, and individuals.

You'll find help on what you can do to minimise the impact on you personally, on your community, and within your business. There are a lot of sources of further information provided. In short, this is the most readable and useful book of facts and solutions on the year 2000 issue I've seen. I highly recommend it to individuals, companies, and municipalities. After reading this report, I'm confident you will begin immediately to make your enterprise y2kok.

Russ Kelly, CSP Where the Year 2000 Experts Meet

The Year 2000 Millennium Bug Report is a beautifully written and well- researched tour de force that should convince everyone that the Year 2000 bug will affect everyone and cannot be ignored. The report provides excellent lists of the potential scope of the bug, what people can do to provide for their families, and where to find further information. Well done! P. J. Wylie., author, Harambee! Year 2000 Action Pack, co-editor & contributor, The Consultants' Briefcase, For information about purchasing a copy [discount rates apply for orders of 10 or more books] use the contact below; Timothy J Wilbur Beyond 2000 Awareness Project Rosebank 2480 NSW Australia

[ yes, I am blowing my own trumpet; but this is not important, what is important is that awareness is spread as far and wide as possible to alert people to the problem coming our way. This report took me 6 months full time research 10 - 14 hours a day 6 days a week; and I believe it is well worth the read, and will help you reach people with info and strategies. TJW ]

-- Timothy J Wilbur (, October 29, 1998


Timothy, you neglected to mention the cost. How much?

I've read a preview of the report. It's dynamite. No, I'm not getting anything from it.

Best of luck, TJ. You shall need it.

-- Steve Hartsman (, October 29, 1998.

steve, Please report back and give your account of what you have read. Maybe the author could give a "sneak preview" of a few paragraphs to wet our appetite.

-- deborah cunningham (, October 31, 1998.

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