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Do posterworks 4.0 for nt support graphtec sigjet pro jx1130

-- Anonymous, October 29, 1998


As far as I know there is not a version of Posterworks for NT. You should probably ask them directly.

PosterShop does not currently support the Graphtec Signjet Pro. We are always considering which printers to add, and so we may provide support for this printer in the future, if there is sufficient interest to warrant doing so.

Thanks for your inquiry. Grant Hogarth

-- Anonymous, October 29, 1998

Vidar... I need to modify what I posed earlier today with regard to the Graphtec Signjet Pro printer. We do support that printer, just not under that name.

The Graphtec Signjet Pro is fundamentally the same as the ENCAD NovaCut. If you were to select that printer in PosterShop, you should then be able to print to it from PosterShop. I've asked our marketing and engineering groups to examine why we don't list it as a supported printer, but I do not have an answer as yet.

My apologies if this has caused any confusion.

Regards, Grant Hogarth

-- Anonymous, October 29, 1998

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