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From y2ktoday. A good article that makes a couple of excellent points. The utility industry and a resounding silence that speaks volumes(unfortunately). Roleigh Martin wrote it.

-- Mike Lang (, October 29, 1998


Mike, I found this particular statement from Roleigh Martin very interesting:

"Heres something else that makes me nervous. How come so many utility company employees and executives are ordering generators from the sellers of backup power or wind generators? How come so many engineers in Public Utility Commission offices nationwide--who are studying this problem--are ordering backup power generators? I am not going to name names and embarrass people, but the number is significant--at least to me. You can learn a lot by hanging around people who work at the utilities and in state offices, by emailing them or calling them up on the phone, particularly if you keep the conversations off the record."

-- Gayla Dunbar (, October 30, 1998.

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