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After shopping for a used field camera and not finding much that would give me the movement I wanted at a price I could justify I purcahsed an Omega 45E monorail. I gave up my portability criteria for the other factors. Does anyone know what the minimum lens length I can use is? It has a recessed lens board (looks to be recessed about 1 inch or more). Is a bag bellows replacement available for this camera? In general it looks like a solid monorail and I payed less than half what a Toyo 45A metal field goes for. Appreciate any feedback from users of this camera.

-- Dave Schneider (, October 28, 1998


When a recessed lens board is used, you may have difficulty getting to the shutter, aperture and cable release controls on the shutter. You need to be sure any lens/shutter assy. you use is accessable.

-- Ron Shaw (, October 28, 1998.

Dave -- Like you, I bought a very nice view camera for an excellent price: a Toyo 45D and I'm very pleased with it. I understand it is exactly the same as the Omega 45D, in fact my instruction manual that I received is for the Omega 45D. I'm not sure about the 45E model, but it's probably the same/or similar to the Toyo model. I have both flat and recessed lens boards as well adapter boards that take Linhof boards (a very practical solution.) This way my lenses can be quickly switched to other cameras (Tach, Toko, Wista etc) that can take Linhof boards. Also, the lenses take up much less room in the pack than when moounted on the big Omega/Toyo boards. I have no trouble at all with the recessed boards (for both the Super Angulon 90mm and 65mm). I have installed and leave attached a cable release on both of these lenses. The 45D does not allow interchangeable bellows, but the 45E might. It may well be that certain Toyo parts for the 45C, etc., may work on your camera. The short rail for the 45C will probably fit. Your camera also has a Grafloc back, so there are a number of back accessories that will work, also. The lack of interchangeable bellows bothers some people, but it is not a problem for me.

-- Henry Stanley (, November 01, 1998.

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