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Mums The Word On Y2K & Congress -- Vote Straight Democrat Nov. 3rd & Shock Them ???!!!

I just received an incendiary e-mail from one of my Y2K electronic friends alert group. It occurs to me that this could be an intriguingly different and immediate way of preparing for Y2K.

What do you think? Hummm. Interesting strategy. It would certainly wake things up a bit.


P.S. Boy, I sort of got controversial fast!! Ouch, theres another arrow in my mystical back and a Y2K silver bullet flying past my air-head. At least theres no doubt about where I stand as a New Ager, metaphysician and native Californian -- am I proud to be an American! The land of freedom for all, tolerance and lets protect everyone elses right (and our own) to free speech at the point of a gun if necessary! (Although, it is a tad heated in some of the bulletin board threads right now).

Some people are still rational and supportive of trying for a peace-filled solution to Y2K. Oh, well. Y2K and its consequences ARE more important! Im not particularly concerned what you think of me or my beliefs, and Im not overly concerned about the way you choose to BELIEVE. Im just concerned with the way in which you personally handle and personally prepare for the Y2K situation. Hopefully by not succumbing to -- FEAR -- although things do look a bit dicey especially in the electrical utilities threads. I do care, deeply, on coming to consensus and deciding to figure out a way -- An Actual, And Positive Contingency PLAN or PLANS -- to get through this Y2K thing ALL in ONE piece (peace). Im still searching for viable alternatives, web-sites and caring, loving people. Any links?

Anyway, this message was sent to me that I thought Id share (who IS this Michael Moore guy? Yes, I have been living on a mountain top with my head in the clouds) ...

Subject: This Week's Letter From Michael Moore Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 17:25:28 -0800

Turn of the Screw

Posted 10/24/98

Dear Friends,

I am overwhelmed by your response to our "witch hunt" on Ken Starrs lawn and to my letter on October 8 calling for an act of civil disobedience on November 3 where we all go to the polls and vote straight Democrat and throw the Republicans out of office.

Now its time to turn the screw.

We are days away from removing the most idiotic, inept, and embarrassing Congress this country has ever seen.

The Republican Congressmen who are attempting a coup detat by going ahead with the impeachment process  against the will of the American People  dont even know what is about to hit them.

Thats good. I dont want them to know. I want them to continue telling the American people to go to hell. This arrogance will be their undoing.

Its strange, isnt it, that these politicians have lost their primal political animal instinct: survival and re-election at all costs. You would think they would be frightened by the fact that 66% of the voters want them to stop their sex inquisition. You would think they would know that to continue on this path will surely lead to their own political suicide.

But they cant see that. They are locked into, as Russell Baker put it,their own personal " road rage." They cant get the image of Clinton having sex -- weird, kinky sex with a 22 year old!  out of their minds. The images of a wet cigar and Altoids have built to a feverish pitch inside their small, tightly-wound brains  "HE TOUCHED HER! HE TOUCHED HER BREASTS!! HE  HE HE SOILED THE OVAL OFFICE PANTRY SINK WE TAXPAYERS PAID FOR!!! AGGGHHH!!! FORNICATOR! SON OF LUCIFER! DEFILER OF THE SACRED TRUST! I I I I CANT BREATHE! SOMEONE OPEN A WINDOW  YES I KNOW IM TURNING PURPLE! MEDIC!! MOMMY!!!"

Of course, what really plagues them is their own conscience, because of their own adulterous affairs (Henry Hyde, Dan Burton, Helen Chenoweth), and kinky sex. Bob Barr, sponsor of the "Defense of Marriage Act", now on his 3rd marriage, licked whipped cream off a womans breasts at a 1992 fundraiser. And according to Newt campaign worker Anne Manning, in 1977 she gave Newt oral sex while he was still married to his first wife. She told Vanity Fair, "we had oral sex. He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, I never slept with her." Newt later tried to get his wife to agree to divorce terms while in her hospital bed where she was recovering from cancer surgery. These Republicans are the biggest bunch of two-faced, two-timing hypocrites since well, since the Democrats ran Lyndon Johnson in 1964 as "the peace candidate."

So this is not a plea to join the Democratic Party  a party that has failed working people miserably. It is simply a chance to use the Democrats as a tool to send our message. Trust me, once these Democrats are in, they are going to be frightened by the power weve just exercised. They dont even think theyre going to win in the first place. Imagine if we show up in such numbers that we change the face of Congress with a snap of our fingers. Scary stuff for any politician who dares to cross us again.

So go into that voting booth and participate in a legal act of subversion. Vote straight Democrat. I dont care who the damn Democrat is. If its some Liberal wuss, vote Democrat. If its a dead guy in Chicago, vote Democrat. I dont care if its that little Chihuahua dog on the Taco Bell commercial  if hes on the ballot as a Democrat, pull the lever!

If youre a Republican, vote Democrat. Dont worry, this wont upset your conservative apple cart. That Democrat youre voting for is more than likely just a mushier version of the Republican  pro-corporate, pro-death penalty, anti-affirmative action. (If you vote Democrat, nothing will change other than the impeachment/coup detat will be stopped).

If youre a Democrat, well, uh, vote Democrat.

And if youre an independent like me who has not voted in the three state and local elections that have been held since the "Evil of Two Lessers" presidential election of 1996, then heres the chance to give the system a shock wave and the wacko, sex-obsessed right wing their comeuppance.

So here are a couple of practical things each and every one of you can do in the next seven days:

1) Contact the sorry-ass Democratic candidates headquarters in your district (click here to find out whos running in your area) and tell them you want to work the phone bank, go door to door, pass out literature at your workplace or school. Many of these Democrats will not know what to do with your offer of help because they dont have their act together and are expecting to lose. Dont let that stop you. Politely thank them, hang-up the phone, and go print up your own handbill. Call up local talk shows. Write letters to editors. Put a sign in your yard. Get everyone talking about the backlash thats going to hit Congress on November 3rd.

2) Register to vote and register others to vote.

If you live in Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota or Wisconsin, you can register right at the polls on Election Day.

Arkansas is the only state where there is still time to register, the cut off date is November 3.

3) If youre away at school, call your County Clerk or Board of Elections office back home and have them send you an absentee ballot.

4) Send this letter (or my previous letters) to as many people as you can. Reprint it anywhere. Send it in to your local paper as an op-ed or letter to the editor. Put your name on it if you want  I dont care! Just get the message out.

5) Click here to see the list of the closest House and Senate races where your one vote could make all the difference. Call friends and families in these districts and tell them its payback time!

When the San Diego Padres lost the World Series this past week, they didnt start acting like a bunch of sore losers, demanding that millions of dollars be spent to investigate the private sexual habits of Derek Jeter. These right wing Republicans are a bunch of cry-babies because they lost not once, but twice to the draft-dodging, blue dress-staining hillbilly from Arkansas ("From Bong to Thong: The Bill Clinton Story"). They couldnt accept the will of the people and the fact that they lost. Whaah, whaah, whaah and boo hoo hoo. Because of their 40 million dollar temper tantrum, we, the people, are still stuck with lousy health care, crumbling schools and an economy that is just waiting to collapse. [And dare I add consequences of Y2K]

Throw the bums out on November 3!

Yours, Michael Moore Director, "Roger & Me", "TV Nation" (sign-up here if you want my future rantings)

P.S. The next time someone says to you, "But he lied! He committed perjury!", tell them that no one, especially the government, has a right ask anyone about their private consensual adult sexual life. The question posed to Clinton in that deposition was a violation of his Fourth Amendment privacy rights and was more immoral than the answer he gave. You do not have to answer a question NO ONE has the right to ask you. He should have told those lawyers, "None of your damn business."

P.P.S. The next time you hear the media describe Henry Hyde as "one of the most respected men on Capitol Hill," call them up and challenge them to reveal what journalist is reporting:

Henry Hyde is the only member of Congress to be sued by the federal government for his involvement in the savings and loan debacle. Hyde served as a director of Clyde Federal Savings & Loan in Illinois during the 1980s (right after leaving the House Banking Committee). Feds shut it down in 1991 at an estimated cost of $67 million and sued Hyde and other board members for gross negligence, seeking $17.2 million. The board settled, but Hyde refused to pay, forcing the others to pick up his share.

And who is this David Schippers, Counsel for the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee and Hydes long-time friend and partner in crime, so to speak? Back in Illinois, at the center of the S&L crisis, Schippers was the criminal attorney for the head of the failed Skokie Savings & Loan.

-- Diane J. Squire (, October 28, 1998


Diane, this is exactly the kind of rational, well thought approach to harmonizing with the Y2K experience that is currently being illuminated at the new Y2K discussion forum "y2k and ????", located at where humankind's unlimited spirtual essence is being tapped for the greater good. I know that your vision would be most welcome, if you would be willing to share....

-- Jack (, October 28, 1998.

If you think voting will do any good (I don't) why not REALLY shock them and vote LIBERTARIAN? Not a nickel's difference between Republicrats and Demopublicans.

-- ohoh (, October 28, 1998.

Vote Libertarian when possible, anti-incumbant when not. I see that the Libertarians are gaining mainstream recognition, albeit slowly. Join the party today and support them with your wallet, I do.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 28, 1998.

Jack, you're a hoot.


-- E. Coli (, October 28, 1998.

"...and the party on the left
is now the party on the right,
and their beards have not grown longer over night....
I tip my hat to the new constitution,
take a bow for the new revolution.
Smiling free with the chains all around,...
pick up my guitar and play,
just like yesterday,
and then I get on my knees and pray....
we don't get fooled again!
I vote for sending them all home, the demopublicans and the republicrats, and returning to a loose confederation of states,...but then I've been out of step and out of the mainstream for most of my life. I'm almost used to it now. Did you ever wonder why they could make the incredibly stupid statement: It doesn't matter who you vote FOR...just vote? If we don't play,...they can't. Refuse to be abused.

-- Donna Barthuley (, October 28, 1998.


You will fit in real well with the New World Order life style. You are gullible enough to fall for the "utopian concept" mentality that will strip you of all your American freedoms (including that of free speech, which allows you to publicly display how blind to reality and stupid you are).

It is people like you that Hillary and the other One World Government leaders are counting on to help erect the barbed wire fences around the "global villages", and to work your --- off so they can maintain the power and lifestyle of their desires.

-- Terri Symington (, October 28, 1998.

Donna... Sing it, girl. The Who and the Stones were right.

"...You can't always get what you want. But, if you try sometime, you just may find, you get what you need."


-- PNG (, October 28, 1998.

Danke, PNG....!(curtseying cutely in my attractive lunatic sheet, standing on the hill with my anarchist sign).

What is this? Pot-shot Diane day? Harumph!...Pot-shotters need to get a life, for office! Caramba! Not you PNG...

Is it Beer Thirty yet?

-- Donna Barthuley (, October 28, 1998.

I love it, here comes this NKOTB, who preaches peace, love, and caring for one another, and what happens? CHAOS! INSANITY! BICKERING! Art thy people doomed or what? We are going to have to do better than this if we are to stand a chance, come what may.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 28, 1998.

Diane, Its time to go back to your room. We have a very nice treat for you. Those nice men in the white coats just want to talk to you about those voices you have been hearing.

-- R. D..Herring (, October 28, 1998. slip and my ignorance is showing beneath the sheet

Don't you just love group dynamics, Uncle?...I studied them for some time...just love to sit back to watch the sadly predictable rockin' and rollin',... but comes the time when people who thrive on conflict need to go off and find some better hunting ground elsewhere, leaving us peaceniks, and idealists to die as they predict we will without their august assistance. There are pockets of sanity to be found...may we each find one where we can live and where we fit. My fervant hope, and the vision I have of my future-now.

-- Donna Barthuley (, October 28, 1998.

New Kid On The Block

Yes it is something to see, I, however, prefer grope dynamics.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 28, 1998.

Miss Diane,

Thank you for showing me the quality of the Democratic response to treason, corruption, perjury, bribery, theft, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, abuse of the IRS, abuse of priviledge, lies, and pure simple incompetence.

I am troubled by these rantings, because I know some reading this think they are not only valid, but represent the "higher truth" in a moral "war" against conservatives and our current culture.

On the other hand, the essense of the "liberal hatred" expressed here, and implied by some other's writings, is that the liberal position is based on "feelings", and not thoughts, not logical reasoning ideas that can be debated in a calm manner. Feelings that deep are religious in nature (and the liberal views are truly a religious "faith" that does not allow reasoning) and are argued by war, as perhaps you have seen.

Since I must present facts and logic to counter shrill, emotionally charged hatred and blatant hypocrisy, I cannot convince anyone (either way).

My question then, as my time is valuable, is this worth debating? Undoubtably yes - the fate of the next century revolves on it, just as the fate of Reconstruction (and the next 80 years of poverty falling from it) came from the impeachment of Johnson on trumped up charges, and the fate of Nixon was decided by the vitolic hatred by the media.

But.....would debating change anything? I leave it to the other readers (and more importantly, those who prefer to read and not preach, (the other lurkers)) to decide:

Should I reply? Should I ignore these Democratic lies now promulgated (as promised by Steisand toClinton last weekend)?

If so, should I address Clinton as the issue? His corruption? His lies? His (and his supporters) hypocrosies (sp, -5)?

Should I reply to the lies above? (In your quoted article?) Counter each statement, or counter the hypocrisy and hate that are behind them? The media corruption, prejudice and blind cupidity that enables these to be even be begun?

Or should I say why we should vote Republican? Comment, but do it positively?

Your decision guys: you vote.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (, October 28, 1998.

I just heard Michael Moore on KPFK. He is not an apologist for the Democrats, and does not think there are many differences between the two major parties. (I think he said he was a member of the Green Party.) His point is that the Republican Party is now a captive of the Religious Right, and if you want to do anything other than listen to prurient details of the Bill and Monica soap opera, the only effective thing you can do is to vote Democratic (for Congress anyway) and remove as many Republicans as possible. This will clear the decks so serious issues can be discussed (including Y2K, but he didn't mention that.) Voting for a 3rd party in an electoral system that does not allow for proportional representation or a run off is a waste of your vote, and will not send the desired message to Congress.

-- Fran (, October 28, 1998.

I say again: politics doesn't matter, only preparedness matters at this point. But on your way to buy some more Dinty Moore Beef Stew, dried beans and rice on election day, stop in and vote. Do as your Uncle D. says and vote Libertarian where possible while you're at it, and send the 'in crowd' home *however* you vote (TERM LIMITS = NOT VOTING FOR INCUMBENTS!)


-- nemo (, October 28, 1998.


That is the attitude that keeps us the slaves of the one ruling party with two names. If you vote for the lesser of two evils, somebody who is awful, but not as awful as the other guy, you are part of the problem.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 28, 1998.

Robert, I'm just gkad to see your typing i,prove.

My vote: No. Those two full glasses of water everyday are time and energy. Don't guzzle down both glasses on this. Who is going to judge this debate and proclaim a winner? You both will just be exhausted and out of time -- neither giving in to the other.

Kudos on the letter to your local representative. Nice productive work.


-- PNG (, October 28, 1998.


1) No judge.

2) Nobody to score the three falls.

3) Marginal use of Breath and bandwidth.

4) Can't find a tag team partner so it's "NO"


-- Chuck a Night Driver (, October 29, 1998.

Aren't Clinton and Blair the late nineties equivalent of Thatcher and Reagan. Don't Clinton and Yeltsin look similar, wonder who'll get the chop first. The best thing about the Republicans is their reluctance to get involved with SEP (eg Yugoslavia). I fear what will happen after the downfall of Yeltsin will be a return to communism in Russia. Any moves against the Serbs will be regarded as an act of war by their brothers the Russians, (not my opinion, what they said last time they bombed Serbians). Any more interference in Yugoslavia will lead to a world war, the West (especially the UK & US), has a woeful ignorance of E European politics and their peoples, a prime example was the agreement at the end of the last war to secede many nations to Stalinist dominance.

-- Richard Dale (, October 29, 1998.


I agree with Terry. I for one am SICK and TIRED of your posts. I betcha you will be 1st in line for the "mark" and take the new age crap with ya. I can NOT believe you are "new" here, I believe you have been here all along, just changed your cookie ? Changed it cuz you lost your others?

I believe you are more than a "few" fries short on the happy meal. And I cant believe other people even consider your nonsense.


-- its on (, October 29, 1998.

Personally, I haven't been able to tell the difference between MOTR Repubs and Demos for about 15 years. That is why the outer edges of each party won't speak to the guys in the middle any more. Shucks, the reason Liberals won't list Clintons accomplishments on Limbaugh's radio show is because they sound like a 1990 Republican wish list.

And yes, the committee investigating Clinton should be labeled something like 'Big Crooks chase Crooks' - they are mostly a bunch of old timers with records as long as your arm. But is Clinton somehow better? Until strict term limits for political office is written into the Constiution - we are going to have this problem of corruption. Either start your state going towards a Constuitional Convention - or forget it - as the good old boys are not about to meekly vote themselves out of office.

-- Paul Davis (, October 29, 1998.

What the Republican view on the NATO bombing. It won't stop whats happening over there its been going on for years, Tito killed a fair number of Croats after WWII. Don't make it worse.

Italy is overrun with Albanians (big N was right).

-- Richard Dale (, October 29, 1998.

Donna Barthuley wrote "I vote for sending them all home, the demopublicans and the republicrats, and returning to a loose confederation of states..."

I think you might get your wish come the aftermath of y2k. It might be a great way of returning power back to the individual states.

Regarding Clinton, Star, and elections. I've never been a party player. As a nonconformist, I've alwasy votee on issues and rejected labels and party idiology. One of my favorite presidents is Abraham Lincoln who was in the GOP. I can't see him in that party as it exists today.

So, how does someone view this mess who isn't bound by party?

We are seeing an erosion of the constitution and our basic freedoms by all sides involved. It's a power play which has left us with a weaker government, as a whole, at a time when we, the people, need their leadership. -----------------------------------------------------------

-- Michael Taylor (, October 29, 1998.


1) I AM not impressed with either the Democrats or the Republicans, and havent been for years. Or anything else that been offered as an option.

2) The hot pants politics practiced on BOTH sides frankly disgusts me.

3) Both sides are way off focus and they take the countrys and medias focus with them.


4) Strategically. How, in one day, do you clobber BOTH parties over their misdirected heads, with a red-white-and-blue 2x4 and get their attention? How do you say ... Wrong topic guys? Something MUCH bigger here needs everyones attention. Its called Y2K.

5) Its either something like this or something like the stock market computers halting unexpectedly for a WHOLE day, or more, before it gets their attention.

6) Frankly, rattling the cage of Congress looks better to me than the immediate Y2K global repercussions of a day off at the stock market.

-- Diane J. Squire (, October 29, 1998.

I agree with diane. Fu-- the politicians. vote demo. not because you condone clintons behaviors, but because he is the lesser of two evils -- ken starr and the republican right he stands for will turn this place into nazi germany if y2k allows them.

hate to say it, but i'd prefer stalin & clinton(communism) over hitler & gingrich (fascism) anyday...

-- a (a@a.a), October 29, 1998.


Ya got stinkin thinkin goin on, those are just two sides of the same coin, you'll be a slave either way. Commies and Nazis don't want you to think for yourself. Follow the party line, or die.

To all

If you keep on voting Republicrat, your message is "We like what we're getting, give us more." Why do you think Ross Perot gave them a surprise? He was from outside of the box. Ya can't whack them on the head by sending one of the team back each time. But few seem to get that.

We are doomed.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 29, 1998.

Sorry Diane, Clinton's going to start a war in Europe then you'll get dragged in late as usual. Socialists of whatever type have been the biggest problem of the 20C, just look at the history of Russia and Germany. I understand that the Republicans are against interference in the former Yugoslavia, is that true. Sooner or later there will be a terrific Russian backlash against NATO. I wouldn't say that Clinton is a "socialist" at least by European standards whatever else he may be. PS he can play sax (note the spelin) as well so I'm told.

-- Richard Dale (, October 30, 1998.

You ARE right Uncle. Congress is a lost cause. Anyone in Chicago know how to mobilize Oprah? I vote for her. Know her private e- mail??


-- Diane J. Squire (, October 30, 1998.

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