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Regarding the discussion in various other threads regarding martial law, enforcement methods, 'block captains', etc. in the increasingly likely event of civil disruptions... A couple of months back, a web want ad caught my eye from an outfit called Ensyma Consulting in Texas. They were looking to hire several people (80 I believe was the number) who had extensive military experience in many different areas: logistics, firearms, tactical, computers, medical, etc. Wages ranged from $30-$50/hr. The purpose was to consult with metropolitan areas regarding Y2K disruptions. At the time, the ad intrigued me (for Y2K information reasons - I was not looking to submit a resume) so I visited their web site and found they were selling a book entitled "Year 2000 Computer Bug Emergency Management Manual" for $15. I ordered and received the manual. After reading it I found it to be a very scary mix of good advice, bad advice, naive advice and martial law mentality. I dismissed the book at the time as 'marketing hype'. But the recent threads got me to wondering what Ensyma was doing today. Their web site (originally at http://www.dfwconnect.com/ensyma) is now gone. I tried several search engines, but to no avail. Hotbot still indexes their old order page but that page is also gone. DejaNews returned zilch. Same story with Webcrawler and others. They have simply disappeared from the web. My questions are:
  1. Is Ensyma still in business? Have they closed shop, changed their name, or gotten out of Y2K consulting?

  2. Does anyone have any background information on Ensyma? Are they a real company? Somebody's pipedream? A front?

  3. If Ensyma is still doing Y2K consulting, are any federal / state / municipal government known to actually be paying Ensyma for their services? How could we go about finding out?


-- Arnie Rimmer (arnie_rimmer@usa.net), October 28, 1998


http://www.dfwconnect.com/y2k/ is where they are currently at; looks like a lot of links, not much content except for the aforementioned manual, but is part of a y2k preparedness ring. Clicking on the 'contact us' link brings up "info@tekmar.com"; Internic's information on dfwconnect.com is:

US Domain Name: DFWCONNECT.COM Administrative Contact: Easter, Phil p.easter@TECKMAR.COM 972-663-8484 (FAX) 972-663-8484

-- Karen Cook (browsercat@hotmail.com), October 28, 1998.

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