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Whilst most normal mortals (some are more normal than others Deedah) have absolutely no idea whats really going to happen apart from mere conjecture, the only people who know are lets face it the psychics. I think it is possible to foresee the future (I know because I've often done it), however I have no messages coming back in time about y2k. Are there any (other) psychics out there with any vibes, any ex-hippies still under the influence?

-- Richard Dale (, October 28, 1998



Psychic Ed Dames was asked about Y2K on the Art Bell radio program. He said he predicts an event in April 99 that makes 01/01/2000 a moot point. You can read about it at Just click on the Guests link, then scroll down to the Ed Dames' transcripts. I think the Y2K question came up in his most recent transcript. Warning: It's a frightening forecast.

-- Ruby (, October 28, 1998.

If you're visiting Art's website, you might want to check out Sean David Morton as well. Interesting how many psychics are getting similar readings. Different in content but similar in some of the timing of events and such. ------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Michael Taylor (, October 28, 1998.

Y2K Psychic Hot Line ...Call it, Great Source. 1-900-776-9000 ext. 2169. $3.99 per minute must be 18yrs old.

-- (, October 28, 1998.

Have just shaken the bones and spread them across the case of a non compliant PC. The bones say there will be massive disruptions throughout the world as the computer clocks roll over to 00. Toasters will refuse to operate, thinking that the bread inside has been burned for 99 years. Automobiles won't start because, unbeknownst to all of the engineers in the industry, they were programmed to drop dead at the beginning of 2000. Electric utilities will all shut down because none of their engineers had any idea that there might be a Y2k problem. Water utilities will fail even though most don't rely heavily on computerized control - the water utilities will fail because there will be no electricity and bandits will have stolen all their generators. Survivalist will eventually perish because of the disease spawned by the rotting corpses of all the fleeing city slickers that had to be gunned down to protect the stash. In the end the lowly cockroach will survive and thrive developing the ability to reason and a healthy disdain for technology. The bones have spoken, go now and await your fate.

-- OOH Booh (, October 28, 1998.

Read the heading all you rocket scientists..........

The question is asking "Are there any Y2K psychics out there?"

NOT "Are there any Y2K psychotics out there?"

-- Craig (, October 28, 1998.

In 1973 I had a very vivid dream in which a metropolitan bank building was destroyed, and large army helecopters came to lift the vault out of the rubble. There were regular army troops everywhere, lots of cordons, and the civilians had just been given issued sacks of bread. We'll see if this is precognitive; it had the same look and feel of dreams of a more personal nature that turned out to be precognitive. This is very common, and for the physicists who know something about string theory, there's at least one explaination that doesn't rely on any extra-natural agency. Precognitive dreams and other psychic phenomenon are common, but they are discounted because of the pressure to conform to societal norms about what is moral, normal, scientific -whatever. It used to be the holy inquisition, now it's CISCOP. Little people can't be allowed to know their own power...


-- E. Coli (, October 28, 1998.


Thank you, thank you. I just love it when you sweet talk me. Normal, what a bland word, I would hate to think that 'Normal' would be my legacy, it's so....average. "Here lies a normal man"? Yuck! Please count me out.

As to the future? Well I've known it for years, but did not want to upset lesser mortals, but since you asked: We're all gonna die! (at varying times, of course)

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 28, 1998.

David Wilkerson (preacher in Times Square) had a dream a few years ago about 1000 fires burning in New York City. People were fleeing the city in RV's, trucks, cars, etc. and were heading out to the country. Wonder if that will be the "picture" in 2000?

-- just me (, October 28, 1998.

Richard, have you seen this article?

Water firms 'run risk of millennium chaos'

by JONATHAN PRYNN BRITAIN'S biggest water companies are leaving it dangerously late to prepare their computer systems for the millennium, risking dry taps and sewage flooding on the first morning of the 21st century.

An independent report into the state of readiness of the 28 water companies of England and Wales, a copy of which has been seen by Business Day, expresses "concern" about the time left to test and protect the 34,500 sites vulnerable to the millennium computer bug.

The firms are currently testing hundreds of thousands of so-called "embedded systems" that control and monitor the flow of drinking water, and the collection and treatment of sewage.

If the tests reveal widespread "glitches" in the systems, particularly those of larger companies, there will be "insufficient time" to replace them, the report from consultants Montgomery Watson warns.

The biggest companies in the sector are Thames, Severn Trent, North West and Anglian, although none is identified in the report.

In a worst-case scenario, rogue embedded systems could order a shutdown of water treatment works leading to "long-term" interruptions to water supply and discharges of untreated sewage. The overwhelming demand for specialist help from all industries next year means computer experts "may not be readily available".

Bad New Year weather would make things far worse because a freeze and thaw dramatically increases leakage, making it even more difficult to meet demand if systems fail, the review says.

The report was commissioned in July by water regulator Ian Byatt and quietly deposited in the library of his Ofwat offices in Birmingham.

It adds that, despite the most rigorous testing, "there can no assurances or guarantees... that there will be no equipment failure arising from the Year 2000 problem".

It reveals in detail how companies are planning for a nightmare scenario on the eve of the new millennium. At least one is stocking up on bottled emergency water supplies. Most have standby generators with stocks of diesel fuel sufficient to keep them running for periods ranging from eight hours to 30 days if electricity supplies fail. Some have plans for "semi-manual" plant operation with extra plant and chemical stocks.

A minority of water companies have already cancelled leave for all staff over the New Year period next year while 12 will have staff on site at all major plants and stations. The other companies have yet to decide "but generally intend to have sufficient manpower available".

Two smaller water-only companies are said to be making their plans in isolation with no co-ordination with other suppliers, putting them "at an unnecessary risk".

In total the industry is spending #140 million and devoting 1100 man- years to solving the problems. Despite the concerns, the report praises the industry for its "considered, appropriate and pragmatic approach to the problem".

) Associated Newspapers Ltd., 28 October 1998

-- Gayla Dunbar (, October 28, 1998.

I recently had opportunity to ask two "psychics" their oponion regarding y2k . In both cases neither saw major problems . One sees an 11th hour fix of some sort and the other (who has been quite accurate regarding the stock market in recent years )saw problems but for the most part on a small scale only. Hope one or both are right though my logic suggests otherwise. But then if their answers were logical then they wouldn't be "psychics", would they ?

-- Alan Cline (, October 28, 1998.

I had a dream in 1979, where I saw horses on the Washington D.C. beltway and armed camps in the suburbs.I most always forget dreams, but not this one.The camps were'nt military. They were occupied by clans. It was very dark, and walking through at night was very dangerous. We were having to keep as silent as possible and creep from one shadowy place to the next, even though we were not doing anything dishonest; just trying to get home.

-- Type R (Sortapreparing@polly.anna), October 28, 1998.

Richard, your question is interesting for sure asking if psychics know asnwers about Y2K. Most will be able to read into the future and see many things,but I feel they will not see what we want to see. Years ago I was given some abilities to read people and events but I have not been able to see certain events coming up concerning this situation we all face. A new movie "SEIGE " will give us an idea of what will be coming. Kinda interesting it will be seen by many ,I wonder if they will get the hint of what the movie actually describes as coming true ???

-- Furie (, October 29, 1998.

richard, the future is not carved in stone. psychics may see a likely outcome of current plans, but since humans have the free will to change their minds, the future is constantly changing.

it's interesting that ed dames was mentioned. he's a remote viewer, and his scenario is not necessarily the same as other remote viewers, who admit that they can view the past accurately, but not the future. i sent email to another famous remote viewer (lyn buchanan) last winter, asking him what his thoughts were on y2k. he said at the time that the whole thing was a non-problem. i assume he was serious, and i don't know if he has changed his mind since then.

in any case, i think the wisest course for people to take is to use their OWN common sense and their OWN intuition, instead of relying on psychics.

-- Jocelyne Slough (, October 29, 1998.

When we first heard of Y2K (in June of this year), and began our search through the Internet to find whatever we could about Y2K, my wife also visited with her psychic counsel.

The pyschic is a female, about 55-60, a grandmother, legal guardian for about 4 grandkids, with an extended family of many more. Lives in a very modest, low income house, with many typical Mexican artifacts, Christian and otherwise around her home. She is has the reputation (I never thought to substantiate) of having worked closely with the FBI and local law enforcement authorities on "special assignments."

My wife returned from her visit with the psychic that said, yes she is aware of the Y2K problem. Yes, it is real, it is going to take place. Yes it will be very bad for many. Yes, I do recommend you leave Tucson (AZ). Etc., etc. with the other questions my wife asked her.

Several months later I myself went to visit with this same psychic. I found her to be humble, genuine, quite "earthy," a typical grandma. Yet, I was surprised that she also seemed to need me to answer questions from her. For example, where I was planning to buy my supplies. Simple, practical questions dealing with some basic preparations. She was already deep into her own preparations. She was more ready than I but needed some specific practical advice. She was planning to move her family out. She had 3 or 4 locations selected but was not sure yet the direction she would go.

I asked her where she received her information about Y2K. She said it came like a "dream," or a vision. She saw very long lines of people, with a cup in their hand, seeking, asking for milk. She interprets this to mean deep hunger and famine, as well as minor mobilization of governmental help. Other similar visions also came to her. Also, interesting to you in England, she mentioned she had been in contact with another psychic in England who was saying the same things about the time around Jan 1, 2000.

She also mentioned that the situation around 1/1/00, though bad, will not be as bad as what will come years later. She mentioned that the worst times will be between 2005-2007. She did not state why or what would make the times then so bad. Only that you better be prepared.

I take this and other similar information and put it together with other facts/information and I then I make my decisions. I am preparing for bad times ahead not just because a psychic told me thus and thus, but I find it interesting to receive information such as hers and it did seem to help verify decisions we had already made.

Hope this helps, Richard.

-- JoB (, October 31, 1998.

There are people who can do remote viewing effectively. Ed Dames seems not to be one of them, at least precognitively. His track record in dealing with future events is one miss after another, with no hits.

I note that he's still charging fees for training remote viewers, and still charging for a training video series he's put together. If it's all down the drain come April, 1999, as he predicts, this is puzzling. Money won['t cut the mustard in the situation he sees ahead.

-- Tom Carey (, November 03, 1998.


>"Are there any y2k psychics out there?"

The answer is:


(according to my Y2K-compliant/ready Magic 8-Ball)

-- No Spam Please (, November 04, 1998.

I thought this would have been easy peasy for Diane to post on this one. PS bet I'm more psychic than her, you don't have to be Californian.

-- Richard Dale (, November 04, 1998.

I admit to sometimes dipping my toe into the "psychic" pool just for fun. I have gone to a couple different sources using Runes, I-Ching, Tarot and so on. What I have come up with is that yes I will (they wanted to speak more specifically than general) be inconvenianced, but they did not see my life changing forever. They saw mild inconveniances for awhile, but my life would go on. When I tried asking them about the world in general, they saw limited death, but again they said they really didn't want to talk in worldview as they told me that is difficult.


-- Rick Tansun (, November 04, 1998.

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