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Does anyone know of a source for a replacement bellows for my D-2 enlarger? I wrote to Omega at their web site, and they referred me to a company called Universal Bellows.

Has anybody had experience with this company?

BTW, Omega advises that the D-5 bellows will not interchange.


-- Tony Brent (, October 27, 1998


I just got an old Omega D3 and found these.


or try E mailing harry Taylor at Classic en;largers, I found him very helpful

Tim A

-- Tim Atherton (, October 27, 1998.

try taking the bellows off. you can buy a very thin light-proof material at a fabric store; it's black nylon on one side gray pvc or some other light-proof plastic on the other. it worked great on my view camera. you can glue this directly to the old bellows with either 3m spray adhesive or that contact cement that comes in a small bottle at your local discount store. Another material that is light- tight, that I've had luck with, is naugahide from an auto-appolstry place, use the thinest stuff avalible. The size of the bellows you are talking about ought not to require much more than a scrap. From my experience, the bellows place will only recover your old bellows, and you can do it yourself for just a few dollars. Good luck. Oh yeah, if all else fails, I've noticed duct-tape comes in black too.

-- david clark (, October 27, 1998.

Black silicone bathtub caulk works great for bellows repair.

-- Peter Hughes (, October 28, 1998.

Definitely contact Harry Taylor. His e-mail is His phone number is (203) 329-9228. Harry lists the bellows you want for $65. He also stocks quite a few other pieces and parts.

Tom Gould

-- Tom Gould (, October 29, 1998.

Many thanks for the good help. I am going to need new bellows. The usual patching techniques (caulk etc,) won;t work on these -- they are too far gone.

I will get on the phone and follow up

thanks again

-- Tony Brent (, October 29, 1998.

I have had work done by Universal Bellows and they do very good work using new material. I had a bellows made for my Elwood 5x7, works great.

-- pat j. krentz (, May 24, 1999.

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