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Paul Brownlow's contract for an "A". For the "B" I will attemd the MMEA Mid-Winter Clinic and organize an evening that will showcase the arts in our school. For the "A" segment I will write a grant."B" contract Both will take place during the second semester. 1. I will attend the Mid-Winter Clinic in February for music educators. We will be discussing the grad rule and other aspects of music education. I will document and post the results on the web. 2. I will organize an evening for our high school students to showcase their artistic talent. I will video tape the evening presentation and make it available to the cohort.

"A" contract I will write a grant using the gudelines from the State Arts Board. Hopefully students at the high school will be able to participate in an arts experience that inspires them. I will make a duplicate of the written grant and reflect on the efforts of the grant-writing team.

-- Anonymous, October 27, 1998


Hi Paul, Your grade contract sounds very appropriate for your position and will fit in nicely to your current work. I am interested in the type of grant which you hope to pursue - more detail such as to whom? length of? collaborators? etc. Please let me know this information to get a better idea of your contract. Thanks, Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, December 12, 1998

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