I really, really, really, need a place to live!!! Help me please!

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I'm a really nice guy, 21, clean & sober (but don't mind if my friends are or not), follower of Crowley, and starting work next week in S.F. I'm interested in finding someone to live with around my age, who is interested in the same things I am (magick, religion, old punk music) and who isn't going to flake out on the rent! Right now I'm sleeping outside around the Van Ness & Geary Area and it really sucks! (my girlfriend & I had a falling out and she kicked me out and then moved back home!) Help me!!!!

-- Matthew J. Baty (perdurabo@earthling.net), October 27, 1998


There are too many shelters in the city of San Francisco to shake a shitted stick at. Get to one. No one needs to sleep in the most prostitute infested area of the city. One I am very familiar with is Hospitality House on Turk and Leavenworth. Get there or somewhere.


-- Tony Torrefazione (spacey_the_spaceman@mailexcite.com), November 01, 1998.

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