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Wells Fargo Bank has begun to mail a 6x9" booklet with the title, "Small Business Countdown to Year 2000." A friend told me about receiving one, and that in the back of the booklet there is a reference list. The Cassandra Project website, as well as DeJager's and a number of others, are printed there. Have any of you received this? It appears at least one Bank is facing reality; hopefully the others will do the same!

-- Holly Allen (, October 27, 1998


A friend and business associate called me after receiving this same booklet. We're both graphic designers who work on Macs and she was very shaken after reading it. She went from awareness to wanting to prepare and never saw denial... very cool. We're getting together to formulate plans on how we can use our resources to raise awareness. I haven't seen this brochure but I understand it is very well done.

I have a feeling a lot of people will be "getting it" real soon.

Mike ---------------------------------------------------------------

-- Michael Taylor (, October 27, 1998.

I would like to have some of these to give to friends and family. Would Wells Fargo give them out to the public?

-- Donna Mittelstedt (, October 27, 1998.

Without seeing this booklet, it is hard to judge. Sounds like it contains good Y2K awareness info. You don't say anything about Wells Fargo Bank's status with Y2K, do they???

-- Jack (, October 27, 1998.

I found this on another site. Hope it helps.

In a recent study of 500 small businesses, four of five (82 percent) small businesses are at risk for Y2K related problems. In an effort to educate small business owners and encourage them to take action, Wells Fargo has published a booklet entitled "Countdown to Year 2000." It is available free of charge by calling 800-384-7020. The study was conducted by The Gallup Organization under a grant from Wells Fargo Bank

-- Greg Sugg (, October 27, 1998.

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