y2k Prediction of Nostradamus?

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Any Nostradamus scholars out there. What did he predict for year 2000? War? chaos? Any clever people able to decipher his quatrains?

-- Richard Dale (rdale@figroup.co.uk), October 27, 1998


I tried, but I found I had to be a 17th century drunk Frenchman, with the ability to understand poetry to even begin to fathom what he was saying. (it is largely rumored he was a raging alcoholic, and yes my tounge is firmly planted in my cheek, except about the drunk rumor:)


-- Rick Tansun (ricktansun@hotmail.com), October 27, 1998.

I,ve also tried, found that the interpreters tended to read in their own beliefs. Yes he probably was a drunk, in vino veritas.

-- Richard Dale (rdale@figroup.co.uk), October 27, 1998.

How is the book of revelation and Daniel any better? (boggled) If you ask me, Daniel was on something much stronger than alcohol.

-- He who mistook his Prozac for Skittles (skittlehead@lostinspace.com), October 27, 1998.

Here's a link to Nostradamus' prophecies http://web1.tusco.n et/ourlady/ifonostra.htm Predicting WWIII, on July 4th no less, started by the Russians and Iran with nuclear arsenal.


I.16 Plague, famine, and war shall come at the end of the 20th century.

-- (o)(o) (lurker@somewhere.net), October 27, 1998.

There have always been plagues. There have always been famines and yes........wait a minute for this next profound statement...........there have always been wars.

I found this little gem at the Nostradamus site.

It says-- .Pope Paul II shall grow beard during his exile. He shall suffer a humiliating ordeal and cruel death after being captured in southern France. He shall be taken to Tarbe probably martyred in the Temple of the Virgin (Q.IV.27) or Lourdes.---------

Puhlease, the old guy does not have a beard and likely could not grow a beard if his life depended on it, like it apparently does!

There is so much foolishness at that site it is pathetic. One of Nostradamus' major premises is that the pope of Rome is actually God's representative here on earth. I won't even go there except to say that history smashes that nonsense into little pieces.

-- Craig (craig@ccinet.ab.ca), October 27, 1998.

The only reason I believe that y2k could happen is because it's *not* predicted anywhere, by anyone, including the Bible and Nostrodomus (okay, perhaps in a few sci-fi books...:-)

-- Okum (ws000@aol.com), October 27, 1998.

Nope, not predicted in any sci-fi books I've found. Death, disease, massive war (often nuclear), genic failures, other assorted mayhem on a global scale are frequent subjects .... but never a simultaneous world-wide loss of computer-linked technologies due to an old programming error.

Just like "live" TV being broadcast from the moon when we first landed - no science fiction writer dared come up with that irrational a prediction.

Nor did any predict the key failure mode - addressed a little in the D-Day thread: the failure (due to lack of public morality) in so many of the populace that lawlessness becomes assumed upon loss of police power and payments from the state.

Earlier, people (as a mass) would be assumed to be able to "ride the storm" if troubles occur: putting up with inconvenices or discomforts in the knowledge that "we will prevail".

Now, the impulse is "We will riot."

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (cook.r@csaatl.com), October 27, 1998.

There is a site on the net that tries to take Y2K and apply it to this from Nostradamus:

"All chronology concerning the Church Shall change into a Wrathful Sun Dial Into the burning war after war After that King of France shall carry out the restoration"

The site is at www.pacificnet.net/~mjh/nostra~1.htm

I don't know what to think about Nostradamus since his predictions are vague. I've seen MANY different interpretations. I do think it's interesting that the war (or whatever) prediction for July of 1999 is just a month before the GPS rollover.

-- The D.J. (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), October 27, 1998.

It's equally as interesting and as rational a comparison to say that it's incredible that the July 99 "prophecy" is exactly 19 years since the New York Islanders won their first Stanley Cup.

Incidently, they came up with 1999 by multiplying 666 by 3. Bad math, but close enough I suppose to fool those that want to be fooled. Not to mention the other related "prophecies" that take place in 1700. As that number didn't work out, they come up with some "Jehovahs Witness" type of math, and add 1700 to 325, the year of the Council of Nicene to come up with 2025 so they can say that it is still in the future.

Got you confused? Good. Nostradamus is simply confusing shite dreamed up by a man obviously under the spell of papal worship, marion idolatry and heavy drugs.

-- Craig (craig@ccinet.ab.ca), October 27, 1998.

I guess I made my reply a bit too short. It's interesting that the prediction of war (or U F O's or whatever) in the 7th day of the 7th month of 1999 is a month before the GPS rollover. AND, July of 1999 is when most states will roll into their fiscal year 2000. I think the stock market will have crashed by then.

Again, I don't know what to make of Nostradamus. It's the fiscal year 2000 aspect and the GPS rollover that makes me think there's going to be widespread panic about Y2K by next summer.

-- The D.J. (musicmixer@worldnet.att.net), October 27, 1998.

First off, Michel de Nostradame's (Nostradamus) writing style is Old French poetry, nothing like the symbolism of the bible. Second, the "translation" given in the website that the Lurker pointed to, is not literal translation from french to english, but aninterpretation. (My mother tongue is french.) I haven't decided if the author has a very poor understanding of the french language, or if he twisted the "translation" to fit his belief (sort of like trying to "interpret" Shakespear in biblical terms.) Nostradamus makes a lot of references to the zodiac and the planets (he is said to have used occult procedures for his divination of the future.) The author of this article interprets everything in terms of the bible (and even says in the introductory page that he finds facinating the parallels between Daniel and Nostradamus.)

Here's the passage in french, refering to the year 1999:

L'an mil neuf cent nonante neuf sept mois Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d'effrayeur Ressusciter le grand Roy d'Angoulmois Avant apres Mars regner par bonheur

Here's the author's "translation":

The year 1999 and seven months From the sky shall come the great king of terror The great Mongolian King of old shall resurrect Before and after wars shall reign at will

Here's my literaltranslation:

The year nineteen hundred ninety-nine seven months from the sky will come a great king of fright to resurect the great king of Angoulmois before[,] after Mars reign from happyness

Now from that, you can deduct your own conclusions.

( I'd like to point out that "Angoulmois" is used to refer to someone from Angouleme. King Francis I was also Duke of Angouleme during Nostradamus' days. To fit the poetic style, Nostradamus probably used "Angoulmois" instead of Angouleme, to rhyme with "sept mois". )

-- Chris (catsy@pond.com), October 27, 1998.

oops...I didn't realize I'd lose the formating in the verses and they'd come out all on one line. Here's the french verses, and my translation again:

L'an mil neuf cent nonante neuf sept mois Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d'effrayeur Ressusciter le grand Roy d'Angoulmois Avant apres Mars regner par bonheur

The year nineteen hundred ninety-nine seven months From the sky will come a great king of fright To resurect the great king of Angoulmois Before[,] after Mars reign from happyness

-- Chris (catsy@pond.com), October 27, 1998.

arrghh..nevermind ;P

-- Chris (catsy@pond.com), October 27, 1998.

The literal translation is *much* appreciated, Chris. I've always seen the interpretations, but not the original.

My question now--any idea why Angouleme is often translated as Mongolian? Was there a part of France then called "Mongolia"? Or is there something historical about the character of this person from Angouleme that's significant?

I know next to nothing about any of this.

-- The D.J. (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), October 28, 1998.

Sounds like a comet to me Chris. They used to think comets were the precursor of every great change.

Nostradamus is like tarot cards. The reading is vague enough that you can find some personal meaning in the reading no matter what it is.

Or like the headline game. Take any three newspaper headlines, and put together a conspiracy that would connect them together. The guy who has the most likely sounding conspiracy wins. It's easier than it sounds - dead easy in fact.

-- Paul Davis (davisp1953@yahoo.com), October 28, 1998.

Nostradamus is fun to read, especially in the original french and latin. his predictions rarely involved dates. his prediction for the seventh month of 1999 actually refers to our month of August, as he was using a different calendar, according to noorbergen's book.

why did he pick august? he was an astrologer, and august will see a fairly rare grand cross along with a solar eclipse. he interpreted it as meaning war, but modern astrologers would more likely interpret it as revolution, not necessarily war. we'll see soon enough.

-- Jocelyne Slough (jonslough@tln.net), October 29, 1998.

Mongolian? - Depends on how a "drunk Frenchman using the wrong calendar" would remember things.

By the way, if Aug 1999 is the month - that interfaces neatly with the constellation" of GPS satellites scheduled to reset their clocks...

Back to Mongolians...the ealiest settlers of France that we know of historically were the barbarian "Frank" tribe conquored by the Romans, who (with the Romans) later were beat back from the Eastern France-germany regions by new waves of invading Huns, Vandals, Goths, and Visigoths - all driven by in turn (and later) by the Mongols from even further east.

So one could imagine him getting his history a little cock-eyed and merging Huns and old Franks together. Which of course is where we get the modern term "frankfurter" from.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), October 29, 1998.

as far as i've been able to determine, nostradamus was not a drunk. he WAS a renaissance kind of guy, a physician who became a mystic. he mostly used a scrying technique to get his visions. according to psychiatrist Raymond Moody, in his book (Coming Back, chapter 9), about 50% of his students were easily able to learn it in one session. i haven't tried it myself--someday, when there's time and i have nothing better to do.

also, nostradamus didn't use the wrong calendar. remember this was several hundred years ago, and there was more than one calendar commonly in use, depending where you lived. if i can find my rene noorbergen book, i will print out the paragraph dealing with the calendar issue.

-- Jocelyne Slough (jonslough@tln.net), October 30, 1998.

couldn't find my rene noorbergen book, Invitation to a Holocaust--what a gross title! anyway, the prediction about the "great king of terror" in the skies in the seventh month refers to the upcoming solar eclipse of august 11, 1999 which is part of an astrological grand cross. nostradamus used the julian calendar, which was the calendar of choice until surpassed by the gregorian calendar in 1582; the eastern orthodox church kept the julian calendar, though. nostradamus also saw his visions fairly clearly, IMHO, but he deliberately obscured their meaning with riddles in order to keep himself out of the hands of the Inquisition.

-- Jocelyne Slough (jonslough@tln.net), October 31, 1998.

Shucks, just a solar eclipse.

I'd been more impressed if we could have figured out how to link a prediction of the GPS failures also to him.

I understand what you mean about "wrong" calenders, but was trying only to show that a "different" month (implying a different date) can be twisted in either into a pro or a con view of the same event.

But we are stuck with what we got (notice that soembody in Sen Bennet's on-line discussion also mentioned "why not switch dates?" as a solution?) And cannot (as Juilus and Augustus Caeser did) have new months invented.

-- Robert A. Cook, P.E. (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), October 31, 1998.

Its not an answer. But it ties in with recent events. "In the year of the new century and nine months, From the sky will come a great King Of Terror. The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the Great New City."

"In the City of York there will be a great collapse, 2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos. While the Fortress falls, the Great Leader will succumb Third Big War will begin when the big City is burning"

Now since the actual mellinium begains in 2001. The 9th month would be September. The twin brothers could be a reference to the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Fire from the air is of cource already established. Now in turning to revelations one finds reference to a great city of Babylon revived. The key to Babylon comes from prophecy that mentions its people would come from all over the world, but speak one language. Now when this great city of Babylon revived burns the merchants of the world would stand from afar and watch it burning. Both of these could be a reference to what has transpired in the last few days.

-- Paul Karl Hoiland (paultrr2000@yahoo.com), September 13, 2001.

www.snopes2.com dismisses this passage as a hoax. i don't know how correct they are, but, well, when i can find a translation of nostradamus, i'll try to see if that passage exists..... stuff you read on the internet is usually horribly inaccurate.

-- aimee (edccyon@aol.com), September 13, 2001.

I'm no Nostradamus scolar, but this latest twisting of a Quatrain attributed to him seems to be a combination of things mentioned in a couple of different quatrains (he wrote 942 "4-line poems", organized by 100 into books called "Centuries"). I stand by earlier comment by "Chris". This is Quatrain 72 in Century 10:

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois, Du ciel viendra un grand Roi deffraieur. Resusciter le grand Roi d'Angolmois. Avant que Mars regner par bon heur

Translated into English it reads approximately:

In the year 1999 and seven months a great king of terror will come from the sky. He will resuscitate the great king of Angolmois. Before and after Mars reigns happily.

-- Kris (HBKris@aol.com), September 13, 2001.

I dunno what to say about y2k since it is already gone, but now it is very scarey to see that as of the day before yesterday a terrorist group did bomb the twin towers, which fell, and burned. This also happens on the nineth month of the 21st century. I don't believe in prophesy or astrology because of the fact that we are told to, but this could not be coincidence in my opinion. I feel I am stating news that everyone knows right now, but after reading a few posts on this forum, it makes me wonder if maybe different translations of what he said we supposed to happen...

-- Raymond W. (steeldragonballs@hotmail.com), September 13, 2001.

yes i blv a lot about predication of nostradamus i will happy if u send more about nostradamus predecation, i'm a indian and i'm staying in malaysia.i'm sorry i don't no plz if know plz send to me.

-- raju (apalaraju@lycos.com), September 14, 2001.

Mine is a question, not answer. Could somebody list where these people are coming up with the quatrain "In the City of York there will be a great collapse, 2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos. While the Fortress falls, the Great Leader will succumb Third Big War will begin when the big City is burning". I have also seen it written "In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb. The third big war will begin when the big city is burning." with the reference of "Nostradamus 1654" which means absolutely nothing.

I am interested in things from Nostradamus, I realize making accurate predictions from his writings is difficult since they are done from a time when many things would have seemed strange to him and could not better describe them. Secondly, when he was seeing these events I wonder how he was able to reference exact dates. Many people can tell you of visions they see but when asked details such as dates, times, or even style of clothing, they are quickly left in a quandry. It is a difficult thing to do.

-- Frank Cereceres (livnthedge@yahoo.com), September 14, 2001.

hmmm predictions cud b correct but i believe they were in French and written like a rhymes......careful translation/interpretaion is required. Does some have a copy of the original predictions????? I would like to read an english translation.....

-- sunil shah (sunilshah55@hotmail.com), September 14, 2001.

So would I. By the way, I remember a TV documentary on Nostrodomus. There was a passage that people didn't recognize as a past event. He said something along the lines of this... "A man in a blue turbin will wage a large war. The two great powers of the world will unite and defeat the man in the blue turbin, and there will be a peace that will last 2000 years." This is not the exact words, but I distinctly remember "The Man in the Blue Turbin". Bin Laden may not have a blue turbin, but perhaps one of his followers or major accomplices are. I also sincerely hope that when he says "a peace that will last 2000 years", that he doesn't mean civilization will mostly be gone for 2000 years.

-- (shulmanator@yahoo.com), September 14, 2001.

Just as the Bible was written in the language of the time so was ND's quatrains. If I lived in his time and had a vision containing any of our modern tech. society, I would have difficulty finding the terms for description, esp. if drunk & poetic!! thx for beginning this dialog. We all are searching for answers in this uncertainty. Do you believe Bush was "meant" to die? Fate can be altered, why bother with living otherwise....

-- cleo (clowdercare@yahoo.com), September 15, 2001.


Oh!!! God save this world. om.

-- prakash (op102@kiwibox.com), September 15, 2001.

In my opinion it doesn't matter what Nostradomas predicted. The fact is that I have realized that using our energy and time to study his words is a waste. We must concetrate on pulling our country out of this state of fear which has been layed upon us and concetrate our efforts to cure the disease. When I say "disease" I am speaking of the type of ignorant thinking which reigned down upon our country this week. Get out and do something. Talking like this is solving nothing.

-- Donald James Johnson (djj@hotmail.com), September 15, 2001.

Unbelievable...Nostradamus's writings never included anything about "The New Century"..nor did they include much of the other stuff going around in this hoax. NOTHING Nostradamus wrote can be applied to the New York City Terror...I even see people taking a poem he wrote about Eden and saying it must be about New Jersey as NJ is the Garden State?? Ludicrous...whether anything he wrote was acually prophetic or not, the fact remains that every thing floating around the Internet right now is a Hoax.

An interesting point for those who believe in his writings...I guess you don't go to church, as the best guess English translation of what he says bascially debunks the precense of God.

-- Hello (hello@hello.com), September 15, 2001.

Life is based on realities not on dreams. What happened in NYNY on September 11, 2001 was only in the mind of sick individuals, not in a dream or poem, or vision. What the future has in store for us only time will tell. As for Nostrodomus, if he could see the future, why didn't he ever win the lottery?


-- Eduardo Alcocer (ixtac@aol.com), September 16, 2001.

Why don't we remember what it happened in the summer of 1999? There were lots of crazy peoply looking to the sky trying to find the key of the end of the world. We all should take a minute to think about madness...Nostradamus always wrote in no particular order tons of poems. It's easy to translate them in a wrong way. Even more when there's a big amount of people trying to find their living reason in his words... Shit! I only want to send peace to all the people in USA who have suffered this awful attack. Greetings from Spain.

-- Padysan (padysan@hotmail.com), September 17, 2001.

I was just looking around on the web for Nostrodomus predictions and came across this page. All I have to say is to many people are getting confused and turning it into a race war. There are to many inocent Arab-Americans getting assaulted for something they had nothing to do with. Yea, I know it is kind of scary to live in the US right now. All the people that did these crimes are of Arab decent, and were living in the US. But if you attack an Arab-American, just because you think that since they are of Arab decent and they "MIGHT" be a terrorist, then YOU ARE NO BETTER THEN THE TERRORIST'S WHO KILLED ALL THOSE PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE AMERICAN. This terrorist organization (that claims Islam) is like the KKK to Christianity. I wish the terrorist organizations would just once pretend for a second that religion wasn't involved. They would see thousands of people dead for no reason.just opinion. I just happen to be born in America in the 20th centery. I just happen to be white. I just happen to be in a world with many countries and many opinions. what if I was born say in the 15th centery in say Spain. What would my opinion be then? All I know now is that I don't think anybody should die because of their race or religion. One, they can't help what race they are, and two, their religion has nothing to do you.

-- Jason Glessner (jandeglessner1@home.com), September 19, 2001.

All I have to say is if you ever needed a reason to pray, now is the time.

-- suzanne guiglio (guiglios@vcss.k12.ca.us), September 20, 2001.

Once again, bringing the word "pray" up on a Nostradamus board is like talking about lighter fluid on a board about gas grills. The two subjects have nothing to do with each other...in fact they are opposite. If you believe or preach in anything Nostradmus, praying to GOD at the same time is blasphemous (spelling?). Nostradums and his writings are the opposite of believing and having faith in one GOD.

-- Hello (hello@hello.com), September 22, 2001.

Iv read the this web page and its past y2k and nothing happend, the terroist attacks on the world trade center is the big news, personaly i didnt belive or car about nostrodumis befor, the attacks now iv read what he predictied about them he is totaly right he sais, two twin brothers will fall from the sky by steel planes in 9 11, it goes on in more detail, but I thing we should lisen to him he also predition ww3 will last 27 years. I have things to do I dont want this to drag on an on for ever if were going to be nuced we should just nuced we should do it first make Iraq And Iran into a parking lot if you ask me.

-- Elizabeth Annne Bitz (ibubyb@hotmail.com), September 24, 2001.

nose a dung mis, i belive that if I were to right a polm and say a bunch of disasters (not bean too acurate) In the futcher im sure we will have another disaster,* a town in the west will be shacken from the grouns from fire in the earth it will have clapsed towers in the ocean.* that could easly be a earth quake in Cala. im sure there is going to be another earth quack there. I made it up :6

-- lodgic (peacecsa@hotmail.com), September 24, 2001.

did Nostrdomus predite the World Trade Center crash on Sept.11 2001 as the Twin Brothetrs of York will burn and crash to the ground.?

-- james baker (ctexpress@nhb.com), September 24, 2001.

Well, I have figured out one way for the Taliban to beat us...they can prove our ignorance by taking some notes from this board and showing the world. Nostradmaus DID NOT predict anything that happened recently...he said nothing about twin towers..nothing about September 11, NOTHING!! It is all a hoax. Why must everyone flock to something that is untrue just because it said so "on the internet".

Here is a link if you wish to verify this...


-- Hello (hello@hello.com), September 26, 2001.

I have Nostradamus'Century 10, Quatrain 72 which goes: Lán mil neuf sept mois, Du ciel viendra un gran Roy déffrayeur. Resusciter le grand Roy dÁngolmois. Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur

I think that this is a likely prediction of the terrible events of 11th Sept. 2001, taking 1999 to be equivalent to the year 2000, and the last year of the millenium (if we add the year 0 to our calendar and count September as the 7th month, as it was in the Roman calendar)

Here is my decoding of this cryptic quatrain:

At the completion of the year 2000, plus seven months, From the sky will come a great King of terror To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols. After the aforementioned, through good luck, war will be regarded in a different way.

Nice to interpret after the event, but at least Nostradamus held out some hope for the world.

-- Pamela Strauss (walter.pamela.s@paradise.net.nz), September 29, 2001.


This is the approx. English Translation of what you quoted.

The year thousand nine hundred ninety nine seven months Of heaven shall come a great King defrayer (redeemer) To bring to life again the great King of Angolmois. Before after Mars reigns by good luck.

How in Gods good name can you even begin to fool anyone and try to pin it on Sept. 11? As usual, his writings mean nothing in the real world...stop giving credit to someone just because you are scared and want to find salvation in something...

-- Hello (hello@hello.com), October 09, 2001.

Who wants or needs salvation when he lives in good old N.Z. No one knows it exists--- it's not even on some of the world maps... and it's so boring here that we have plenty of time to wonder about what Nostradamus(or whoever) meant when he said whatever.

-- Pamela Strauss (walter.pamela.s@paradise.net.nz), October 26, 2001.

Nostradamus- "In the City of God there will be a great thunder, two brother torn apart by chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb.

The third big war will begin the when the big city is burning. On the 11th day of the 9th month two metal birds would crash into two tall statues in the New City and the world will end soon after."

-- John Bernstein (bernstein@address.com), May 08, 2002.

If this is truly the end ,shouldnt you be worried about what you GOD has written, than what you think some supposed profeit has. We all have felt the pain of this terrible tragedy. In the end only your faith in God will save you, not the word of some man with a scary name. Dont worry all that Died on Sept.11 were sent straight to heaven. They dont need to be avenge cause an "eye for an eye is " would not work in this day an age due to all the ignorance we are surrounded by. This is no excuse for more VIOLENCE. President Bush is also wrong and will be delt with when he meets his maker. In God WeTrust

-- Adrian (adren75@yahoo.com), June 24, 2002.

TRUST IN GOD.............NOT nostr ANIS

-- davey e (oldskoolmagic@aol.com), November 22, 2002.

The original Nostradamus prediction read "In the year 1991 the great Vicar God will come from the sky. I dug this up out of some very old texts. It has more recently been changed to "In the year 1991, the great King of Terror will come from the sky." If you want to accept this interpretation, the prophecy came true,---for Iraq. The next verse read,"Death will come in great globes of light." That also came true for the Iraquis. What could have been more terrifiying than the murderous onslaught of terror brought down on Iraq by the bloodthirsty George Bush, senior? Yes, Saddam Hussein tried to get BACK Kuwait, which was annexed away from Iraq, and which they needed to sell their oil. But when they invaded Kuwait, they killed approximately 200 people. The murderous Bush administration killed 250,000 people, burning them alive and BURYING THEM ALIVE, and this when they had already left Kuwait!!! God help me, after this, I was no longer proud to be an American.

In "Invitation to a Holocaust" interpreted in 1980, Nostradamus predicts that the United States will again threaten the middle east with war,(we are), and it will cause a terrified oriental country to launch a first strike nuclear attack against the United States. With a warmongering and stupid bloodthirsty president like we have, who has threatened a first strike nuclear attack against Korea, red China and the middle east, it looks like Nostradamus was right on the button, and our stupid sheeple are following George Bush right into world war three. We have very, very little time.

As for Nostradamus being anti-God, he was a religious Catholic. "Invitation to a Holocaust was his interpretation of Revelations. George Bush has come to cause as much pain, suffering and death to ALL OF US as he possibly can. He loves blood and suffering. "The second anti-Christ carries out the first anti-Christ".

-- Lee Tandy (humaneliving@msn.com), January 20, 2003.

Excuse me. My first post should have said, "Vicor of God", not "Vicor God." It should also have said "the second anti-Christ carries out the policies of the first Anti-Christ."

-- Lee Tandy (humaneliving@msn.com), January 20, 2003.

I HAVE THE ANSWER: The man in the blue turbin is GWB. The blue turbin is Goerge's Texas Rangers baseball cap.

"A man in a blue turbin will wage a large war. The two great powers of the world will unite and defeat the man in the blue turbin, and there will be a peace that will last 2000 years."

-- (stooge@yaho.com), February 28, 2003.

plz send more details or more realscripts and their translations about NOST.... thank u

-- keynes (keenu143acchu@yahoo.com), March 10, 2003.

Please send me predictions on which country will win the world cup cricket 2003.

-- Priya Ramaswamy (purple_pep@yahoo.com), March 12, 2003.

The man in the BLUE TURBIN {BUSH) will drop a lot of "Daisy Cutters" and TMOAB's Mother of all Bombs on Iraq causing Saddam (mad & sad)to lose his faith in Mohammed.

-- Rich (lakeboy23@yahoo.com), March 14, 2003.

I don't give a crescendo about Nostradamus.

-- ignorant ass (13 ball bandit) (wac125@hotmail.com), March 29, 2003.

just curious, what does no one intepret two great power as islam and christian, since they are the two largest religion in the world. And the one that they defeat is the Texas Rangers, that even the Pope said that he is not representing christian.

-- jaijie (jaijie@tm.net.my), May 29, 2003.

Last I looked... there were more Chinese than any other population..... and I dont seem to remember them as being mostly christian or muslim.

-- Zeek. (jason@lddfarms.com), September 23, 2003.

+nostradamus +"year 2000"

-- Google (se@r.ch), September 23, 2003.

Hi u guyz out there. Plz read the article below. It might scare u, but, u hav 2 accept it. Below is the CORRECT interpretation of Nostradamus, which has widely been acknowleged by eminent interpretators of the modern world. Plz hav time 2 read this, will take time. But remember, this century spells DOOM for Muslims and the HINDU rule over the world. Being a Christian myself, I fear this doesnt happen, nut guyz, accept the facts. Read below ---------------------------------------------------------------------- EVERYONE in the West, from statesman to crossing-sweeper, is aware of the fame of NOSTRADAMUS, the French-Jewish seer who died more than 400 years ago. The reason for his extraordinay popularity is quite simple. Many predictions published by Nostradamus in 1555 have been completely vindicated by the passage of time.

Writing more than 400 years ago, he not only foresaw the two World Wars of the 20th century, but also came close to mentioning Hitler by name!

Earlier on, the French Revolution reached an elimination in 1792, as predicted by him.

Incredile ? Well, it is almost unbelievable. But even the most strident critics have been silenced by the phenomenal accuracy of the French seer. Of the approximately 2,500 forecasts that he published in his poetic "Centuries", no less than 800 have been precisely fulfilled so far. The remainder cover the period upto the year 3797. The track-record of Nostradamus is so perfect that there can be no doubt that the others too will be realised. His "Centuries" are absolutely amazing.

For Hindus especially, Nostradamus ought to be a hero of immense cheer. The Frenchman never visited India. In point of time, his forecasts were published well before Akbar became the Moghul ruler in Delhi. But, despite the great distance of time and space, Nostradamus clearly foresaw the rise of a mighty all conquering Hindu nation. Its birth is close at hand. The seer predicts that a resurgent India will burst forth upon its former oppressors and destroy them completely. The beginning of this terrible revenge will be in the seventh month of 1999.

Meanwhile, he predicts, after seven years of furious warfare, the Moslems will be totally wiped out. There will be no trace left of either Mecca or Medina. Somanath will be avenged a billion times over. The creed of Muhammad will vanish forever.

The European countries who despoiled India will not be let off either. Flames will engulf Rome as Hindu soldiers advance on Paris overcomming the barrier of the Alps. The Pope will fly from his lair. Much of Europe will repudiate the false tenets of Christianity. The ancient sway of Hinduism will be restored. Vedic chants will again fill the air.

Does this all sound like a fairy-tale ? To convince the skeptics it is best to quote the prophetic quatrains of the "Centuries". It must always be borne in mind that they were first published in 1555. Two copies of that edition are still preserved in the French National Library in Paris. Their genuineness cannot be disputed.

Moslem murderers and thier Western patrons will find the following forecast particularly hard to stomach :

Quatrain 75, Century X

Long awaited, he will not take birth in Europe, India will produce the immortal ruler, Seeing wisdom and power of unlimited scope, Asia will bow before this conquering scholar.

As if this were not a sufficient warning to fanatics, Nostradamus makes his meaning still more explicit in the following :

Quatrain 96, Century X

The religion of the name of the seas triumphs, Against the fanatics of the Khalif's adalat, The murderous creed of the false alefs, Between the Hindus and Christians will be caught.

This prophecy need a little explication. In geography, one finds the Hindu Maha Sagar (the Indian Ocean in English). Hinduism is the only religion with a sea (an ocean, rather) named after it. The Moslem fanatics believe that the Shariat or Koranic law with its sexual licence is God-given or Khalif's adalat. The Koran itself opens with the letter alef (A) in Arabic. Both Hindus and Christians have suffered at the hands of Moslems and seek revenge. Lebanon is a foretaste of things to come. The Nostradamian quatrain spells the doom of the murder-creed.

If this interpretation should sound far-fetched, consider yet another prophetic quatrain :

Quatrain 50, Century L

From the peninsula where three seas meet, Comes the ruler to whom Thursday is holy, His wisdom and might all nations will greet, To oppose him in Asia will be folly.

South India is the only peninsula in the entire globe where three seas meet a point and stretch away. The great Hindu leader who will wipe out our enemies will hence be a south Indian who offers worship on Thursdays. It is easy to see why Nostradamus specifically mentions Thursday as the holy day. It is only Hindus who consider Thursday sacred. Moslems pray on Friday; Jews bow before God on Saturday; Christians bawl hymns on Sunday at church. Nostradamus is making it clear here that the conqueror will be a Hindu from South India. He will bind Asia together under his rule.

The Hindu leader, however, will not be a tyrant. He will be ruthless with the Moslem fanatics. But he will win over the communists by persuading them of the timeless varieties of Hinduism. Russia will become India's ally :

Quatrain 95, Century III

The creed of the Moor will perish, Followed be another more popular still, The Dnieper will be the first to relish, The wisdom which imposes its will.

The Moslems are often called Moors by Europeans owing to the nearness of Morocco with its Moslem faith. Incidentally, the Dutch who landed in Ceylon also called the Lankan Moslems as Moors. Even today, the Lankan Moslems are officially designated as Moors.

The Dnieper is a great river in southern Russia. The seer's forecast seems to suggest that Russia will be the first among Communist countries to abandon Marxism in favour of Hinduism. The Red comrades in our midst will doubtless throw up their hands in horror at the mere idea. But Riencourt, the French writer, quotes a prophecy made by Ramakrishna Parmahamsa shortly before his death which strongly supports the French seer's prediction. Shri Ramakrishna declared that his next birth would be to the north-west of India. In other words, he will be reborn in Russia as a Hindu holy man !.

Communism is certainly a more popular creed than Islam. But both will be alike vanquished by resurgent Hinduism.

Russia will be greatly benefited by its alliance with the Hindu Rashtra. Nostradamus describes Russia's good fortune :

Quatrain 26, Century V

The Salvic folk will be on the winning side, And rise to the highest point, They cast off their paltry ideological guide, The mountain-army crosess the sea in an expidition joint.

As the Hindu troops sweep through the Middle East avenging former wrongs, the Russian army in the Caucasus mountains will link up with them. The paltry ideological guide who will be abandoned is Karl Marx. The sea to be crossed is either the Mediterranean or the Black Sea.

Inevitably, the question crops up: Are such things possible? Here is a convincing reply to prove the seer's clairvoyance :

Quatrain 77, Century III

In October seventeen twenty-seven, The Afghans and Turkey will score, Areas lost by Iran, Christians beseech heaven, Against Moslems shedding innocent gore.

This event took place exactly 172 years after the publication of the forecast by Nostradamus in 1555. An agreement was made by Afghanistan and Turkey in October 1727, dividing up Iran. Christian communities which came under Turkish misrule were brutally treated in Georgia and Armenia. Nostradamus had never been out of France except for a brief visit to next-door Italy. Yet he foresaw what the Afghans and the Turks would do in Iran in October 1727!

This is truly an amazing prediction by any reckoning. None of the parties concerned had ever heard of Nostradamus.

Let us now return to the Hindu holy-war.

Quatrain 59, Century III

The empire of Islam by Hindus overthrown, The majority of Moslems will succumb, To radio-active fall-out by India blown, Making Muhammad forever silent and numb.

Interestingly, in his prose-introduction to the "Centuries", the seer dwells at some length on the destruction of Islam and Mecca. The city will be smashed up in such a way that all those who enter it will sicken and die. The only interpretation of this forecast is that there will be radioactive fall-out in the area. Nostradamus declares that the Hindus will be engaged in the task of revenge for seven years from the seventh month of 1999. Intrestingly, even Islamic texts predict doom in the 15th century of their religion.

After the destruction (annihilation would be the exact word) of Islamic power, the Hindu leader will march on the Europe. Both Egypt and Israel will rally to his standard.

The Hindu leader with Hebrew leaning, Marches on Rome and its allies, His ships sail from Libyan mooring, The Bible-chanting clergy dies.

This tremendous onslaught will be bloody. In yet another forecast Nostradamus remarks that the Hindu army will lose 2,50,000 men. But victory will be attained. It will be decisive.

Pressage 40 Rome of seven hills hit by calamities quick, Storm, deluge, epidemic and consuming fire, The Hindus give Europe a colossal kick, And conquer it with revengeful ire.

The atrocities and fraudulent conversions by Christian missionaries will thus be avenged in the total destruction of Rome.

The Pope and his canting clergy will seek refuge in Paris. They will be assisted by a Scottish leader who is called Hadrian in the "Centuries". This is a reference to Hadrian's Wall to isolate Scotland built by the Roman emperor Hadrian, 1,800 years ago.

Hitherto there has been no mention of America in this narrative. Nostradamus mentions it by name only once. It is time to consider the implications of his incredible forecast :

Quatrain 66, Century X

The British leader by America sent, Will ruin Scotland by a clever plan, Boss Reb's foes will be sorely rem, And damn him as unchristian man.

It has been already noted that the Scottish leader nick-named Hadrian will join hands with the Pope against the Hindus. Amazingly, the United States will side with India in the war !

The Americans will nominate a leader in London who is intriguingly called Boss Reb. He will be a veritable fox in cunning. He will defeat to Scots thoroughly and bring down the Christian alliance around the Pope.

Judging by the "Centuries", the climateric war of 1999 will find India, Russia and America ranged on one side as allies. Is this at all likely? For answer, let us turn to the famous American seeress Jeane Dixon, whose forecasts have been collated in a best-selling book. Its title is "The Gift of Prophecy", authored by Ruth Montgomery.

Jeane Dixon corectly foresaw the Partition of India in 1947, and the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi shortly afterwards. She was frequently consulted by American presidents. She told President Roosevelt in 1944 that America and Russia would be in alliance in 1999 against China. At that time (1944) Communists had not yet seized power in Peking. But in 1949 they were victorious. Incidentally, Jeane Dixon forecast Sanjay Gandhi's death in 1980.

At present, America and Russia seem set on a collision course. Can they ever make up their differences? Recent history proves that such about-turns are not impossible. Only 15 years ago, China and America were enemies. Today, they are allies. It would be utterly unwise to pooh pooh even bizarre possibilities. Truth is often stronger than fiction.

While the America take over the government of Britain through their nominee Boss Reb, the Hindu leader will advance upon Paris, where the Pope is holed up.

Quatrain 29, Century II

The Hindu hero will march from his base, Crossing the Apennines to enter France, Conquering the clouds and seas ice, All enemies will fall before his lance.

Paris will be taken after a fierce siege. Hadrian will be killed in a vain defence. At this juncture, Nostradamus makes a curious abservation. He predicts that a tree in the centre of Parish will crash down. What tree? Could it be the Eiffel Tower, built more than 300 years after his death? From a distance the Eiffel Tower rather resembles a giant oak-tree.

What of the date of the beginning of the titanic fight which will send India on a holy war? Nostradamus provides a precise answer

Quatrain 72, Century X

Bearing upon him the Mongol-sign, The great king of terror jumps from heaven, In July nineteen ninenty-nine, Mars to a just war will be driven.

The classical name for the Chinese emperor was "Son of Heaven". A Chinese leader will therefore, launch a terrible war in July (Nostradamus says seventh month) of 1999 in imitation of Genghis Khan, the great Mongol conqueror. Mars is the seer's nick-name for a French statesman who will resist China in 1999. He will be exiled from Paris till the Hindu army rescues him and restores him.

What is one to make of the predictions of Nostradamus? Will they come true? The seer himself admits that the "Centuries" were written in a mystical trance. The conscious mind did not produce them.

When it is remembered that more than 800 of the forecasts have already been fulfilled in the last 400 years, skepticism seems unwarranted and inept. In quatrain 42, Century X, the seer predicted that the British empire would collapse in 1942. In that year, the Quit India movement gave the death-blow to British imperialism. What makes the forecast truly breathtaking is the fact that there was no Britain and no empire when Nostradamus published his predictions in 1555. England joined up with Scotland to form Britain only in 1603. The battle of Plassey was fought in 1757, heralding British rule in India. Nostradamus saw far beyond both these events to forecast the end of British hegemony in 1942. This alone should make clear that the French-Jewish seer possessed divine provision.

When Nostradamus published the "Centuries" in 1555, the title referred only to the arrangement of quatrains in groups of 100 years. It was not an allusion to the hundreds of years that the predictions actually span. There are 10 centuries in all, making a total of about 1000 quatrains. But Century (7) is incomplete with only 44 verses. The short-fall is adequately made up by additional quatrains include later. Ever since their first (1555) appearance, the Centuries have been a perennial best-seller.

The first English translation of Nostradamus's great work was made in 1672 by Theodore Garencieres. The second translation came in 1715 from the pen of a priest who called himself only by the initials D.D. The next translation was in 1891 when Charles Ward made a

scholarly attempt to interpret the often-obscure quatrains. Ward's translation was reissued in America in 1940 by the Modern Library. At that time, the Second World War had been started by Hitler.

Hitler and his Nazi Germany made a clever attempt to misuse Nostradamus for propaganda purposes. A New edition of Centuries was printed in Germany giving a totally false interpretation of his prophecies. But Nostradamus himself had not the slightest doubt about Hitler's ulimate fate. He predicted that the Nazis would be annihilated (Quatrain 77, Century VIII) after murdering countless Jews.

In 1982, President Mitterand of France let it be known that he was an avid reader of the Centuries. In 1983, the well-known actor Orson Welles produced an immensely popular American television show on the forecasts of Nostradamus. There have ben so many English translations of the Centuires in the recent past, that the British journalist Taya Zinkin remarked that Nostradamus would top any popularity poll.

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quero as profecias de nostradamos eu tinha um livro e me roubaram

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Quero traduzido para o portugues as profecias de nostradamos eu tinha um livro e me roubaram

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hell yeah i know every thing about his perdicton

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Hi clever people, i am just a student and will ask you a question"what does predicting future imply and why a man goes for it".i will try to answer my question like this: since attaing fame in the world is desired by everyone,so a man goes for predictions. since there is probablity of certain things that can occure at any time like deadly diseases,wars etc.so a man can predict certain things based on probablity and statistical basis which are definetly going to match certain things in future. now comes the question of dates involved in the quatrians of nostradums,this is upto a man to relate certain things with the quatrians like attack on wtc.can any one give me the proof that anyone has predicted his time of death.nowhere in nostradums quatrians is there that he has predicted his time of death.i think it is the almighty which is going to provide us the truth of all these things.so let us pray all to that almighty.

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Nostradamus quatrain 10.72 - deception and fulfillment

Four known observations and facts caused Nostradamus in this case to risk giving a precise date:

Mankind gradually moving into the path of destruction. The date for the birth of Christ associated the end of the millemium as a deadline for that process. Total solar eclipse visible in Europe at the end of the seventh month of the last year of the millenium (July 29, i.e. August 11, 1999) The reign of notable Mars oppositions began in March 1997. The reign ends in 2005, as Mars becomes considerably dimmer. Prophecy becomes reality ... At first sight it seems incredible that Quatrain 10.72, the only prediction that Nostradamus ever risked, became true.

In face of the extreme degree of brainwash and the great expectations associated with this prophecy, how can you be surprised that God intervened one more time to help humans, to let the prophecy fulfill in the time frame specified?

... and yet nobody wanted to see it Still before the end of the millenium, it should be clear how the prophecy was fulfilled. And yet, even today, five and a half years later, I realised that there's still no comprehensive explanation of these events,


-- Matt Marriott (mceu@email.com), February 02, 2005.

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