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Amongst the many problems I have encountered and solved this one remains a mystery.

On occation two jobs ready to print in the que (direct 600e) will only print the first job and a small section of the second. No error or indication that the file is unable to print is recieved by the server. The second print appears in the log to have printed and is transferred to the buffered area.

Copies are also not tiled vertically and horizontally but appear to be tiled horizontally only (i.e. printing 6 landscape A3's on 36" media, results in 3 printed in landscape, two correctly and one off the page??

Is there a remedy?

Mark Kilbourn

-- Anonymous, October 26, 1998


It sounds like the printer setup is the problem. If you have a maximum length set to shorter than the print or prints you send; the printer will only print to the preset length cutting off the remaining image. If you can't change settings on the printer then check the *.printer file in PosterShop.

-- Anonymous, November 03, 1998

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