What year will it be?

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When the clock strikes 00:00:00, 001, 2000, Julian Date (JD) will my computer think (INDICATE) the year is 1900, 1700, 00 A.D., or, perhaps, 100? Also, what important microprocessors, along with the one in my car, are not date-sensitive?

-- Richard Davis Mineer (rdmineer@webtv.net), October 25, 1998


Just how much time do you have? You have asked a question which could easily consume all your attention and time for the next 14 months.

First, WHAT kind of computer do you have? Specifically what CPU, BIOS and RTC? Second, at this point no one can answer your question about your car unless you are lucky enough to have a specific model Ferrari OR a car powered by a Cummins diesel (the 2 known error problems). Lastly, as to "important" microprocessors, there are easily a billion that may well be "important" to you if we count the ones in your local utility company, your local/national telecom network, your bank, your plalce of employment and the entire Federal government. See the following links to get you up to speed:

http://www.garynorth.com/y2k/search_.cfm#Choices http://www.nethawk.com/~jcrouch/dilation.htm http://www.euy2k.com/newsroom.htm

-- R. D..Herring (drherr@erols.com), October 26, 1998.

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