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is there a way to make audio cd from a vcd?

-- (, October 25, 1998



extract MPEG out of DAT, then split the MPEG system stream to get the audio mp2, and convert it into a WAV. graphedit a utility from Microsoft's DirectX SDK 6.0 ( can take MPEG and convert both audio and video. You can then write out the audio as WAV. I have not checked whether it can also take DAT files. Another utility - mpegplayer ( can extract MPEG out of DAT (i.e., VCD).

-- (, December 07, 1998.

anyone know if there are sites that allows to download vcd in mpg, dat, or avi format? thanks in advance

-- dxtreme (, December 18, 2000.

Unless you have a broadband internet connection I would not recommend trying to download a movie off the net. I have a dsl broadband connection and (if the site that has the movie is up to speed) I can download an entire movie in 'Divx format' 600mb in 3-4 hours. That would take days with just a dialup connection. Also most of these sites with the movies will bump you if your connection to them is to slow. I myself only allow MAX 25 connections (at any given time) for people to download mp3's from my home-server. A good place to start woulb be But again, you don't want to do it unless you have broadband.

-- Billy boy boy boy (, December 18, 2000.

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