Y2K Questions for Taos town council?

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As Y2K becomes more and more of a "mainstream" topic, we will hopefully have a chance to discuss the issue with the mayor and members of the town council. What questions should we be asking of them? What concerns should we be expressing? What kind of constructive advice and guidance can we offer?

Here are a few questions that have occurred to me:

1. Has a formal Y2K assessment been conducted for the town's police cars, fire engines, and other critical vehicles? Many cities around the country have reported Y2K problems in these "industrial-strength" vehicles that could prevent them from operating on 1/1/2000

2. Has the town finished assessing, remediating, and testing its business computer systems? If not, when does it plan to complete the task? What contingency plans have been developed in case the task is not finished in time?

3. How dependent is the town, financially, on funds provided by the State government? If the state develops serious fiscal problems as a result of Y2K disruptions, how quickly will the town run out of money? What would it do then?

4. How dependent are the town's critical services on electricity? Assuming the existence of generators or other backup provisions, how long with they last if the main supply of electricity is disrupted? Most important: what contingency plans exist to cope with medium-term disruptions (e.g., a week, a month, or perhaps a little longer) in electricity and water?

5. How dependent is the town on telecommunication? If the phone lines go down, can the town continue providing basic services? What about 911 and other emergency forms of communication?

6. Assuming that the town HAS developed contingency plans for Y2K problems, have the plans been published? Are they available to residents in the town? Does the town plan to publish any brochures, pamphlets or other forms of information to provide advice and guidance for residents of the town to make appropriate personal preparations?

-- Anonymous, October 24, 1998

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