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My brother and I ....( I Swear we talk about it as much or more than work on it[and we work on it alot])....were talking about a 7-10 type scenario today and the level of public awareness. We disagree somewhat on that level currently but both agree that it is more than a scattered few individuals or groups. A significant portion of the minority if you will. That lead us to my point of this post.

Public awareness is a doubled edged sword at this point. A year+ ago it was a goal that should have been strived for at all cost. The code might have gotten fixed. Full national, regional and local contingencies could have been worked out. "Public Awareness" could have been propagandized to make all individuals aware. However, today (68 Days from 1999) we all know how that story's been played out....

Now, that same public awareness (when "they" finally get it) is going to swamp us. Panic will happen at some point and time. This thing is is like a Tidal Wave. The undercurrent is ALREADY strong enough to suck you down. The wave won't be apparent till it hits. I don't desire harm to anyone but you better be carefull what you wish for.


-- CP (Spoonman@prodigy.net), October 24, 1998


Hey, CP,

I still have to wish for awareness. I can't (boy would I like to) really not wish for awareness for everyone.

You're right. If people had woken up a year ago, it would be no problem. Well....we could deal with any problems easier. Even today, I think our supply structure could tolerate a little panic. By Jan 1, 1999, though, look out.

You mentioned national, regional, and local contingencies. I didn't think that would work then, and I don't think so now. I see preparedness as a ripple on a pond. The rock hits -- preparedness begins -- with an individual or a family. Only when they are prepared will preparedness really flow out, to help church, club, community, or whatever.

We're used to things beginning at the national level and trickling down to us. I believe this has to go the other way.

Tell you one thing.....I sure don't want to be in Kroger's when they do get it!!!!

-- rocky (rknolls@hotmail.com), October 24, 1998.

If you have several thousand in a major metropolitan area who have not prepared with food, water, etc., where will they go for their needs? IF THE STORES RUN OUT IN 2 DAYS, WHAT CHURCH OR DISASTER RELIEF AGENCY CAN SUPPORT THOUSANDS WITHOUT RUNNING OUT THEMSELVES IN A VERY SHORT TIME? Watch the news on Thanksgiving day. All the soup lines they show and people standing outside who didn't get fed because there wasn't enough food for all and we aren't even in a crisis. Take that scenario and times it by 10,000 and you have got complete chaos. Forget being anywhere near Krogers, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near a major metropolitan area. And don't forget about all those toilets that can't be flushed, and all the garbage that won't be collected.....Yikes!

-- really ready (ready&steady@snale.com), October 24, 1998.

I'm pretty vociferous in my assertions that everyone's awareness of Y2K's potential impact must happen, and as soon as possible. The later this happens of course, the more we are likely to see confusion and anger create problems with need and supply. I am stating the obvious. I will again state the obvious that any preparation far surpasses no preparation. The present world system continues on in mad juggernaut fashion because it exploits ignorance. Ignorant people can be ruled and manipulated...informed people are less herd-able. Herds stampede, enlightened individuals tend not to do so.

So as I usually state, I do again...the quetion remains how do I wisely continue to inform and educate? What are the keys to jogging perspective in people often lulled into trances by the pace of the world, and the incessant content-shallow loudspeakers that moment-by-moment teach coma-like living? What analogies reach people? There is no one-size-fits-all approach. If we are to assist our family, friends and neighbors, we have to be sensitive to each person.

I keep preparing personally to thrive Beyond 2000, and choose as my goal the gentle telling and pointing a way for others. I'll be doing this 'til the 11th hour.

Finally,... another invitation to join us at our discussion board, Beyond 2000, where we envision in the future-now, creating somthing better.


-- Donna Barthuley (moment@pacbell.net), October 25, 1998.

Yes, there is Y2K awareness that is finally happening, in the sense that people are at least starting to intellectually that it will be a big problem and may even really, honest to goodness, affect them. What has yet to come is the FULL awareness: that Y2K is a huge problem, it will affect them, and that this problem cannot be fixed. Not by 1/1/2000, not in the following 3 days, nor the following 6 weeks, nor any forseeable time thereafter. But that level of awareness will come, eventually.

-- Jack (jsprat@eld.net), October 26, 1998.

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