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So, I think that the plan Kristina describes about setting up a contract-law-based system for using Internet access is a good thing to discuss in class. We should probably just do something like take hand votes, and once we've done that (i.e. trick people into giving us their opinion), just pick on random ones to give us more details about their opinion.

I think the idea of modifying norms that Kristina also mentioned is equally important, but much trickier. The norm right now on the Net is that hacking for purposes of looking around is okay. There's even the whole "hacker" vs. "cracker" attitude, where the hackers are the Zorros of the Internet, while the crackers are the real bad guys. So changing the norm, while an eventual possibility, is very very tricky. But we should still bring it up as a potential solution :)

-- Anonymous, October 24, 1998

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