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Whoa! I just typed in today out of curiosity (the last time I tried it some vague business site had taken claim to the domain) and was pleased to find the home of its new occupant: FON FLUX monican-dominatrix, a cool fan-created site. Congrats to the site's author for snatching that much-coveted URL...

(If this is old news to the rest of you, my apologies)

-- Spofforth (, October 22, 1998


SHHHHHHHHHH!!! Quiet! It's supposed to be a secret! :)

-- (, October 25, 1998.

Good to see it's been used for a good purpose. Can't say the same of mine over here in the uk, but I'm a long-time lover of the cartoon... it's just that music came in first. :)

-- Craig H (, February 06, 2004.

I like Aeon on liquid TV and I have found info mentioning the possible series being made into a TV show in LA. Will it be available on DVD?

-- Danny Stenger (, May 20, 2004.

I lose my head. At first I thought I was casted in something, then again regardless after over stating poetic bliss I calm down. I don't understand your question and will check it out. I do rather prefer the meeting of people if it is industry related rather than the head games I been getting. Thank you anyway for the communication and hopefully I will be able to assist and/or appreciate I know regardless for the attention.

Danny Stenger 818.753.7853 home no voice, I have a cell if this turns into the real thing.

-- Daniel Patrick Stenger (, July 07, 2004.

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