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I just bought the box set of the 3 AF videos... I realize that the episodes are completely out of order on them. I was wondering -- is there a list of which episodes (names and #s) are on each tape and what season they are from? Or, could we get a list going here? I think it'd be cool to watch them all in the order they belong in next time...

-- +ripps (, October 22, 1998


Of course, the box set isn't some kind of special release, its just the three seperate videos packed together. The were released, with seemingly random selections of episodes on them, and of course, since they are out of order, when all three tapes are put in a box, they are still out of order.

-- ChaosKnight (, October 23, 1998.

Yes, yes, I *know* that. All I wanna do is watch them in the proper order... geez.

-- +ripps (, October 23, 1998.

all the rewinding and f.forwarding----take a while...

-- Owen Black (, October 24, 1998.

Ah, simple.

1.first season shorts(the ones that are shown one after the other to make 12 minutes. the last episode of the first tape) 2.Gravity 3.Night(how in the name of F.U.G.'s and hollow teeth did it end up on the third tape?!) 4.Leisure 5.Tide 6.War 7.Utopia or Deuteronopia?(third tape) 8.Isthmus Crypticus(first tape) 9.Thanatophobia(first tape) 10.Last Time for Everything(first tape) 11.The Demiurge(third tape) 12.Chronophasia(second tape) 13.Reraizure(second tape) 14.Ether Drift Theory(third tape) 15.The Purge(first tape) 16.End Sinister(second tape)

Note:i'm not sure about 12 and 13. Reraizure might have aired first

Ya know, if you type the word "tape" enough, the word starts to lose all meaning ^_^

-- Frostbite (, October 24, 1998.

Oh, by the way, the twelve minute segment is the first season. The seperate shorts where aeon dies every episode is the second season, and the 22 minute eps with dialouge are the third season

-- Frostbite (, October 25, 1998.

"Reraizure" aired before "Chronophasia" since Rorty appeared in the flashback sequence in "Chronophasia".

-- TGoodchild (, October 26, 1998.

Frostbite, TGoodchild -- thanks! You guys are gods (well, maybe just demiurges...)

-- +ripps (, October 27, 1998.

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