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Yes . . . I have written my utility company and they said (2 page signle space small print) that they are working on it and to go to their web page to keep on their work.

My telephone company said they are "in progress."

I have written to my city government twice with no response.

The following companys have provided satisfactory responses: air/heating equipment makers, elevator and computer manufacturer(s).

Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 10:34:26 GMT

I wrote to most of the organisations I have dealings with (banks, electric, water, insurance etc) . . . .Anyone else doing the same?

-- R. Cowing (, October 22, 1998


Vernon Electric Cooperative in SW WI:

Thank you for your letter. Your answers are as follows: 1. We are in the process of testing all suspected devices that may have imbedded chips that may rely on date codes. So far all systems tested have passed. We, however, cannot find any hardware or software that would disrupt the flow of electricity due to date errors. Dairyland Power Cooperative, our power supplier, does have hardware and software that would be date sensitive. They have a full staff working on the problem and are on schedule. I will be updated by them on Dec. 9, 1998 and will pass that information on to our members via our billing newsletter. 2. Yes. We will let our members know when we are compliant. Again, via our newsletter. 3. No. You can ask any way you like. 4. Yes, me. My name is Dave Maxwell. I'm Director of Marketing and Communications.

Frontier Communications:(via phone):fully compliant

See Gartner Report to Senate(sorry, don't have the URL)

I have spoken to 1) software engineer w/multinational commodities trading firm: NO WORRIES..even their Japanese partners are not only compliant, but (at least the NYC office) are "more sophisticated" than US firms.2)software engineer in Web work, subsideary of US West: most work-arounds will do just fine. 3) a trade show promoter spoke w/in last 2 weeks to heads of many software firms participating in his shows. They ALL laughed at the doom&gloom.

If a bank isn't compliant, they will be out of the loop. Ditto most other systems.

We expect *some* moderate-slight disruptions. We will prepare as for any WI winter.

Yes, a lot of code is buggy. Yes, a lot od IT folks are burned out.

Yes, there ahave been problems already & : the world is still here.

Calm down.

-- anonymous (, October 29, 1998.

This thread sounds familiar....

-- Richard Dale (, October 29, 1998.

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