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I became aware of a company called Veronex Technologies, which claims to have the practical solution to the y2k problem. Their web page is at What is any feed back on the reliability of this companies claims?

-- Rick Rodig (, October 22, 1998


Let me qualify the following comments by saying that I know nothing about this specific company or its "I|Nova" product. It may indeed be a very useful tool for some situations. I simply can't say.

But there is no single solution that applies to every situation. This approach, often suggested, has come to be known as the "Silver Bullet" approach and it doesn't help the big picture.

Search the web for "Y2K and Silver and Bullet".

Gary North's site has collected several good links and is not a bad place to start your research. See:

http ://

I don't usually recommend reading North's commentary but in this case, he is correct in his assessment. (Disclaimer: If you're not familiar with Gary, you're in for an eye opener.) So go ahead and read it if you want or just go straight to the links. Either way, the answer is the same.

Then don't stop with Gary's site. Search other sites as well and you'll discover that there is no silver bullet. This is one of the few things about Y2K that virtually everybody is in agreement on.


-- Arnie Rimmer (, October 23, 1998.

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