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This has been addressed obliquely before, but is there a classified section for used equipment somewhere on this LF home page, or does everyone regularly scan the LF section of the classifieds? Should there be a section here? Yes, I know about Shutterbug, View Camera, and; I'm looking for something faster than the 2-3 month lead time of the magazines and more targeted than ebay. Thanks in advance, and apologies if it's right in front of me on this website and I'm missing it....

-- Ann Rehfeldt (, October 22, 1998


Ann, I have been trying to get hold of you since your private e-mail to me yesterday about he equipment you queried me about. AOL does not like my mailprogram/browser evidently i cannot e-mail you back. So please, please e-mail me your phone/fax number so I can get in contact with you.

For everyone else: Sorry to take up public bandwidth.

Ellis Vener

Houston, Texas

-- Ellis (, October 22, 1998.

Hi Ann:

The classifieds on work very well. I have bought and sold a number of items and have not had any bad experiences. In most cases, we usually "know" the person selling the item from past posts & discussions on

Also, there is a newsgroup called that seems to be very active, including LF.

-- Henry Stanley (, October 22, 1998.

Personally all i have had for offers when i tried to sell my equipment is low ball ridiculous offers by some dealers as well as some people that participate in the forum.

It will probably take a little longer but you should put an ad in a newspaper or keep trying everything until you get a reasonable price for your gear.

-- al (, October 23, 1998.

I have had very good experiences on e-bay, there is a large format section and would recommend anyone looking to buy or sell to check it out. I bought all of my LF eq on e-bay and will look for more in the future. Best feature is that the buyers and sellers are "known" and the rating system tries to keep things "honest." MJM

-- Malcolm Matusky (, January 08, 1999.

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