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Was getting tiny white dots on my transfers which some books and info. I had indicated could be that either the paper was too dry or the time before "lift off" was too long (this is with the 4x5 transfers). I seemed to have solved the problem by using a water sprayer on the transfer as I do the lift off but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and what solution they came up with. (I usually seperate the transfer at approx. 10 seconds).


-- gail green (gail.green@sba.gov), October 22, 1998


I'm slightly confused - you separated the negative from the watercolor paper (or whatever medium you're using) after 10 seconds? Doesn't the polaroid site recommed a longer time? Maybe it's different for 4x5. I know that the pull apart time between the pol positive and neg is about 10 secs.

I too was having the white spot problems. When I called Polaroid (@ their 800 number), I was told that the key to avoid this problem is to put the polaroid-watercolor sandwich in the hot water and let it sit there for the 2 minutes (I think)and then pull the two apart underwater. It seemed to work. Hope this helps a little.

-- stuart goldstein (satgre@worldnet.att.net), October 22, 1998.

This is less of an answer and more a followup to the original question: I've gotten the white spots and what I've noticed is that they appear while the transfer dries. In other words when I peel apart the transfer, it looks perfect but then gradually as it dries the white spots start appearing. The amount of spotting seems to be dependent on how wet the paper is, thus how long is has to go before it's totally dry. Can anyone tell me what's happening here? Thanks

Steve Hoglund

-- Steve Hoglund (stevehoglund@prodigy.net), April 01, 1999.

I am having a problem that seems similar and I would desribe it more as bubbles that form and then break and form an area without emulsion. I contacted Kathleen Carr and she learned from her source that there is a problem with quality control of the Arches watercolor paper and that is what I have been using. She suggested using Fabriano Artistico. Good Luck!

-- rena corban (renacorban@hotmail.com), July 19, 2001.

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