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Whats the best book to teach someone how to print using a vc head.

-- al (, October 22, 1998


I don't know if it is the best one, but a very good book is "The Variable Contrast Printing Manual", Steve Anchell, Focal Press, 1997.

-- Alan Gibson (, October 22, 1998.

How about reading The Elements of Black-and-White Printing by Carson Graves(Focal Press) ? In the chapter 6, you will find some hints of Split Filter Exposure on VC paper.

-- Shigehiro Ishii (, October 22, 1998.

The current edition of Calumet's special catalog (the Photographic Arts Library), lists several books on this topic, including one entitled: "Gradient Light: The Art and Craft of Using Variable- Contrast Paper," by Eddie Ephraums. They also have the Steve Anchell book that Alan mentioned above.

-- Henry Stanley (, October 24, 1998.

I have the Gradient Light book and did not find it worth it. The author shows many examples of split grade printing and toning without a good discription of how he got there. It seems to be based on materials only available in the UK with no US equivlient. ( I don't know where you are). If you don't have "The Print" from the A. Adams series I would pick one up, buy lots of paper a set of filters and play, it's not something that can be absorbed from a book. Look at a lot of prints in a gallery (not in a book) and experiment until you can match.If your local newspaper still does B&W call and ask if you can watch the process (not a source of fine prints but at least a foot in the door). Like learning to drive a car, printing must be done not read about.

-- Roy Feldman (, October 24, 1998.

I have the anchell book, i did not find it as a valuable resource. I should have been called printing for dummies, its quite basic and overly general. I was looking for an authoritative text on the topic.

But thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

-- al (, October 24, 1998.

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