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Does anyone have a handle on just how many new Aeon scripts have been written by fans? I'm kinda curious - I just finished and posted one of mine on my website...

I wrote a full-blown fourth season episode - dialogue and all. Writing lines for Trevor Goodchild is a real bitch, and I'm not sure I did the material justice. I enjoyed it though, and looking back on it I'm pretty proud - history will decide.

What was my point? Oh, yeah - has anyone else written longer, third-season-style episodes with dialogue?

-- Charles Martin (, October 22, 1998


I've had some ideas batting around in my brain, but nothing has been put on paper yet.

I'd like to see your episode, if you're comfortable showing it. I'm sure I'm not the only person who would be interested...

-- Zach (, October 22, 1998.

Sure sure... you can see the script at:

And be sure to take a look about the site before you leave...

-- Charles Martin (, October 22, 1998.

I once had a really great idea for an Aeon Flux script. It was to be in the third season style, and it was long enough to stretch into a movie, maybe.

Curious? Let me tell you the premise. Trevor has created a machine that makes extracts dreams from people by making them physical (and thus, that much easier to destroy.) This is the kind of thing that Aeon does not tolerate, so even though it's none of her business, she mosies on over and plants a couple of bombs in the room with the machine. Trevor's there, having recently dispelled a man's phobia of ants. They argue, then begin to make out. The machine is still on; they both pass under its lens simultaneously. The machine begins to produce something when Aeon remembers her bombs are going to go off. Just as she's leaving, the thing in the production chamber finishes coalescing into a human form. The human manages to save Trevor from the explosion.

Trevor examines the human who has apparently been produced by a combination of Aeon and Trevor's subconscious desires. The human, who I will call Phaedrus, is male and covered with various devices, most notably mechanical lenses over his eyes and mechanical gloves. He seems to be under the impression that the entire world has been created for his benefit; it is all an illusion, a game, and when he completes his objectives, the illusion will end. He also claims to know Trevor and Aeon as if he's lived with them their whole lives, and seems to despise them both.

He escapes from Trevor, crosses over to Monica, where he suddenly reverses gender, and confronts Aeon. He/she finally gets onboard a large demolition airship, apparently trying to utterly destroy the wall that separates Bregna from Monica. Phaedrus is shot down. Phaedrus claims to have been a fool to think s/he could undo what the universe was fated to do, and dies. There's a trick ending, though.

J.P. Chabot

-- J.P. Chabot (, October 28, 1998.

wow. that IS cool. cant wait to read it if you follow through. really, bravo.

-- Owen Black (, October 28, 1998.

I read both of the stories and I thought they were really cool. I had a dream after i watched my 1st Aeon Flux video but I don't think it'll ever make it onto paper.

-- B.Perry (, October 31, 1998.

I myself have had a few interesting Aeon dreams (I could never be nearly that creative awake) but they're all so visual that they wouldn't be very impressive in story format. I generally tend to forget them since I don't write them down, but here's what I can remember from my most recent one:

Aeon comes home to her one-room hide-out after a hard day of bombing and assasinating. The dream starts right when she's closing the door, like in Leisure. She has a bag of some sort which she wearily tosses to the ground. At one wall is her bed which is about four feet off the floor and has stairs leading up to it. At the foot of the bed a bath tub is sort of attached. There's a curtain around the whole thing. Aeon hops up onto the bed(not even bothering with the stairs) and begins running a bath. She then draws the curtain shut. The camera is inside the curtain now and she plops down on her back on the bed and stares at the ceiling, scratching under one arm and apparently day-dreaming or just zoning out.

Suddenly she hears a scraping noise in her room and she immeadiately snaps to attention and jumps over the curtain rod, doing a cool flip and landing in a kind of squat with one leg extended and her gun aimed at the intruder. The intruder is Sybil (don't ask me why) who has some sort of energy gun pointed at Aeon. She shoots and energy ray at Aeon once, but Aeon artfully avoids it.She then does a fancy manuever to fast to really see, grabbing Sybil's gun-arm and wrenching it behind her. She shoves the nozzle into the spine inplant in her back and in in her shock, Sybil pulls the trigger.

The energy shoots up and down Sybil's spine, to her brain and through every nerve in her body. Her nerve ending, which crackle with electricity, are visible through her skin. She screams loudly(mind you her hand is still on the gun which is still sticking in her back) She tries to pull the gun out, but it's firmly imbedded in her spine. After that, she basically desintegrates, and that's all I can remember.

-- Frostbite (, November 03, 1998.

Whoa. That Aeon vs. Sybil dream with the energy gun was really creepy.

Hm....maybe I'll do that Aeon script, if there's ever time. I've been busy with doing my own little comic book, "Kyle the Killer Journalist," so no gurantees.

-- J.P. Chabot (, November 18, 1998.

I've done a second season 'short' story called "Fire", in which Aeon infiltrates a Breen military base and sets her back pack bomb on a missile that is pointed towards Monica. But she is killed trying to escape and then the bomb goes off and causes the missile to explode which in turn causes other missiles to explode and the whole base is engulfed in a massive fireball. It ends with Trevor inspecting the base as a photo-op.

-- Keith G. Redhead (, February 11, 1999.

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