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I recently purchased a box lot of lenses at a gov't sale and after close inspection have found that 3 of the lenses 2- 135mm 2.8 FD lenses and 1- 200mm 2.8 FD lens are stamped by the manufacturer in white on the lens locking ring U.S. NAVY. Markings are about 1/16th"high. Does anyone have any knowledge of the rarity of these lenses. I know the Navy and Airforce have used the F1and the Nikon F's along with numerous other cameras designating the branch of service on the camera but have never seen lenses marked for the Military. Any info would be apprecciated.

-- Ron Cione (, October 21, 1998


The lenses are fairly common with the US Navy stamp. KEH, and probably others, have had them on sale. They are generally considered less desirable among collectors, but are standard Canon lens quality and durability. Makes them a good buy, at slightly under average retail, for the "shooter".

-- Harry Brown (, November 10, 1998.

Rarity is often a relative thing: in the United Kingdom such lenses are indeed quite rare, as you can imagine, in the United States, I suspect not. One thing is for sure, they are excellent work tools no matter where you may reside.

Best wishes Mike Wilde (UK resident)

-- Mike Wilde (, November 27, 1999.

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