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Donna Frederickson

Falls High School

7/8 General Music, 7/8 Choir, Glee Club, HS Concert Choir, HS Swing Choir

BS degree, UND, Music major (keyboard/voice)

Interests are in the area of creative arts and their role in the individual and community.

Hobbies center around our family, cabin and home.

-- Anonymous, October 21, 1998


Phone: 218-283-2571, ext.170, Fax: 218-283-2384

-- Anonymous, November 18, 1998

Hi Donna,

I am aware that your research proposal was delivered on Friday to UMD and Mary Jean tried faxing it to me, but it has not arrived yet. When you post it, I can give you some direction. From what Mary Jean told me, we have a some aspects of your proposal to refine, but you seem to be on the right track - talk to you Wednesday - Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, March 21, 1999

Hi Donna, Your grade for fall and winter quarter ia an "A". Congratulations! Keep up the good work on your research project. Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, March 29, 1999

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