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-- Anonymous, October 21, 1998


My Response to Principle Centered Leadership It seems that Mr.Covey clearly distinquishes between his principle centered life and the habits he endorses which are interdependent, arriving from a rich private life,constantly educating and obeying his conscience thru private meditation, contemplation, prayer and study of the scriptures. (pg.140) He suggests nature as one of the best scripting, but states marraiges naturally end in divorse. Which is it, natural or spiritual. Is he placing his candle under a basket of secularism to make it more palatable for the acceptance of his followers. How can a secularized point of view understand spiritual laws? Its like he is functioning on the third level of a city. There are those at ground level, realists accepting things as they are in a dog eat dog and live it my way mentality. If you were to ask them,"how are you?" they would say," ok I guess or I just don't know." Then there are some who live underground that would say there's just no hope. Some after a time, through care and effort would gain knowledge, that there is a bedrock of truth and began to use principals to build a powerful practical tower lifting them high into the fresh air, where at times they can see others flying overhead without a care. This fourth group also had found that bedrock. They had swept off the surface to find a blue print engraved on its surface. They thoroughly picked at it, penitrating deeply into the intentions of the designer, following and mastering it with devotion to build a landing and launching pad for a lift off into the wild blue yonder, free. They had not distorted by their simple reasoning of natural sences believed in something bigger than themselves and beyond their imaginations. The time has come for all of us to make the quantum leap for excellence which is not a relative term according to the shifting ideas of our society's imaginations. Covey is a master in natural practicallities which he admits is flawed from the start. Supernatural laws supersedes the natural.

-- Anonymous, November 02, 1998

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