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Keith M. Sutherland

LittleFork/Bigfalls School District

Physics 12,Social Studies 8,10,11Phy-Ed/Health 10

BFA, Painting,Printing,Sculpture, Minneapolis College of Art & Design

Student Career/Employer Counseling

Hobbies: Photography,Scuba,Woodworking,Hunt/Fish,Music

Skills: ATA+ Employee Relations,Supervision,Management

Materials Mgmt,Public Transportation,Vehicle Procurement,Re-Hab

-- Anonymous, October 21, 1998


Journal Entry It seems to me that the smartest people break the rules. A seemingly irrational thought hits them and they make a significant discovery or theory. Wanting to become a scientist, I suppose most of the examples I can cite are related to science. Charles Darwin is a good example. Lyell's work in Geology and Malthus' work in populations along with his own observations in the Galapagos triggered Darwin to postulate his theory of evolution.

Here I am, currently an undergraduate doing well in my courses having won scholarships in high school and university. However I'm worried. I'm taking all the "relevant" classes to obtain my honors degree, but it seems too restricted. I feel like I'm being channeled. If I am a good little student and keep following the system I'm afraid any sparks of imagination will be lost. The best scientists seem ironically not to follow the system. They get insights very often from outside the traditional scientific world.

I am also afraid that I will lose touch with the Arts. I spent my first year at university taking Arts classes. It has been one of the biggest things giving me an advantage over my current fellow students. But if I continue down the scientific path am I going to lose my touch with poetry, languages, art, and music?

I wish straight from Day One I was able to get a Renaissance education. Although the world is becoming highly polarized and specialized I feel that to make a significant contribution I somehow have to become a "Renaissance woman". NOTE: found this on net thought c/members might find interesting. KMS

-- Anonymous, October 22, 1998

Keith, maybe you, Bruce and some others would like to go over the whole set of Sister Wendy stuff for your alternative journal? It is great material. ( I just happen to be on the WEB), Terry

-- Anonymous, October 22, 1998

Response to my material

-- Anonymous, November 22, 1998

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