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Rainy River Community College

Computer Information Systems/Business

Business Education - Bemidji State University

Computer Technology is my academic interest and area of practice

My hobbies are reading, volleyball, and spending time with my family

-- Anonymous, October 21, 1998


(B CRITERIA)  To complete the criteria for a B, I will read Schools Out  Hyperlearning, The New Technology, and The End of Education by Lewis J. Perelman. To document this criterion I will post a summary and reaction to the text on my web page.

(A CRITERIA)  To complete the criteria for an A, I will teach the cohort members my specialty area  computer technology. I have introduced Windows Basics, File Organization, and Word Processing Basics in WORD 7. The syllabus allows for future computer training sessions and I will collaborate in those sessions. I also plan on continuing to be available to assist cohort members for the remainder of this program.

-- Anonymous, November 03, 1998


In response to the Covey text, I find that Covey's ideas are commendable; however, somewhat unrealistic. The paradigm has shifted from a society that fostered honesty, dignity, and compassion to one that often applauds and compensates for deception and lack of integrity. I am concerned about the disregard for foundational principles that need to be applied for humanity and effective leadership. I believe that as an educator a large majority of responsibility lies in that fact that I can make a difference in how I react and model the role I have been hired to take on. As a facilitator I can implement some of the strategies Covey discusses in his text, but also must realize that the intrinsic values and principles modeled by others at home and within the family setting may not be those I possess. Covey states that there is a universal belief in fairness, kindness, dignity, charity, integrity, honesty, quality, service, and patience (95). I cannot argue any of those qualities, I believe they exist, but question to what extent they exist within society or the workplace. Individuals and organizations can become highly productive, effective and efficient, but with a tremendous amount of training. Changes upset and disturb people, stirring up fears, uncertainties, and insecurities (133). Any interpersonal relationship, whether it is within a family or within the workplace, will go through changes. We all need to understand ourselves and commit to productive and positive change. Reading a textbook can broaden a point of view, but if the philosophy is not implemented and the approach is not changed by the individual(s) or organization nothing can change. The cycle will continue. We all strive for rewards, and through a principle-centered approach it could lead to a more enjoyable existence and genuine intrinsic happiness. In conclusion, I enjoyed the text and agree with some of Covey's philosophies. No matter how unrealistic some approaches seem, they still have merit if we chose to apply them.

-- Anonymous, November 03, 1998

Hi Tina, I will give you a grade as soon as we clear / clarify all requirements. Let's discuss via email as soon as I return to MN on April 5th. Thanks, Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, March 29, 1999

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