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Last night I had an opportunity to make my case to our local government -- the mayor plus four committee(persons?). I spoke for about 20 minutes; there were no questions when I was finished. During my talk I casually mentioned that the latest CIO magazine survey revealed 10% of IT managers polled are stockpiling canned goods, and 11% are buying generators and wood stoves. By the time I got to saying that the Canadian military has placed y2k as their top defense priority and are making plans to distribute generators and other emergency supplies and that a Wisconsin legislator is preparing a bill to call the national guard on 12/31/99, one member of the panel decided to put the rest of my presentation on permanent hold when he declared, "You shouldn't be saying things like that, why you could scare people!". I guess he would rather put their lives in danger next year rather than upset them now.

All in all, I was reasonably satisified with the effect my presentation had on at least some of the panel (one of the committeemen is a friend of mine). Only time will tell.

Dr. Roger Altman

-- Roger Altman (, October 21, 1998


Good effort.

-- R. D..Herring (, October 21, 1998.

Great try Roger, keep up the great effort, may I ask which city? I would like to do the same, but I am not well enough equipted, heck I cant even find out if my city is even trying. Any suggestiosn?

-- carrie (, October 21, 1998.

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