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I don't have a lot of money for marketing, but I do have a photocopy card with about 1000 copies that I could use. I'm thinking of doing the following: making a b&w laser printed flyer to distribute door-to-door in an upscale neighborhood advertising on-location portrait sessions (ie. in home). I'm thinking that the session would cost $90 for 2-120 rolls (6x7), 4x6 proofs, and 1 8x10 enlargement. Is this too much? Not enough? Suggestions? Anyone done this?

-- Gyan S. Penrose-Kafka (taophoto@taophoto.com), October 21, 1998


Don't know about the b&w flyer. marketing policy would indicate colour postcard or something similar to appeal to upmarket clientele.

My costs for similar servide are #55.00 (don't know the x-change rate!) for 2 - 3 rolls of 12 on 120 to include 5 8x10's in folders.

I'm told this is too low!!!


-- Mike Orr (mophot@aol.com), October 21, 1998.

My experience with door-to-door advertising is that the advertisement usually winds up in the trash. Also, unless you are using a very, very high quality copier, any photos you use on the flyer won't look good. If you go this route, be sure and paraphrase as much of Hallmark's advertising as you can.

The best advertising is word-of-mouth. Is there a local club of some sort? Or maybe a restaurant? Can you get some of your portraits on its walls? They need to see your photos, and the photos need to strike a chord in them. Your business name and a number would be all it takes, then.

-- Brian C. Miller (a-bcmill@exchange.microsoft.com), October 29, 1998.

Forget the B/W flyer. Try sending a color flyer through the mail. Color has much more effect with mothers wanting portraits of their rug rats.

Try setting up a booth in your local mall with samples of your work.

-- Ron Suttora (morris@jps.net), December 25, 1998.

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