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Hi Everybody -- There are actually going to be two meetings with RTW teachers since I can't get them all at once. One will be Monday 10/26 at 4pm in 332 Horace Mann and the other will be Thursday 10/29 at 4pm in 332 Horace Mann. When I have final confirmations of which teachers are attending when, I'll let you know. But so far, I know the following:

Monday 10/26

Nancy Enistein (mott hall) Zarifa Muhmammad/Khaleelah Islam (Sr Clara Muhamad)

Thursday 10/29

Ron Weinstein (school for Physical city) Heather Ganek (IS90)

Please join if you can.


-- Kristi Ransick (kransick@ilt.columbia.edu), October 21, 1998


Hi Kristi, I'll be there for both. No problem.

-- Cristiana Assumpcao (cristiana@baggio.com), October 21, 1998.

Hi Cristi, I will come at the meeting on Thursday but kind of late since i have class until 4:40.

-- Chrystalla Mouza (cpm12@columbia.edu), October 23, 1998.

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