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Had two amusing things come across my desk on Monday:

My friend Sean (the business owner I refer to at times) gets a magazine called "Your Company - The Magazine For Small Business". In the most recent issue (Oct/Nov 1998 cover date) there is a four page article entitled "Fixing The Millennium Bug - Small companies should prepare for 1/1/00" by Bronwyn Fryer. There is also a side bar on sources of info on the web.

The article presents one small business owner who is trying to get gaurentees from his suppliers and one small business owner who is simply not concerned. After a slow start to the piece it launches into a nice area of what you should do with section titles like "Take Inventory Of Any Software", "Repair Or Replace", "If You Need Money", "Get Your House In Order" and so on. Overall a good awareness piece directed at companies with say 20 employees or less. They say for companies of this size still have some time, but get on the ball NOW.

Your Company does have a web site at Even though article from this issue are on their website, I could not find this one as of a few hours ago.

The second piece that just sent me rolling with laughter came from Monday's Wall Street Journal. On the front page of the Marketplace section is an innocent looking article entitled "Across Tundra and Cultures, Wntrepreneur Wires Arctic". It is an interesting little piece about a Inuit (eskimo) who has set up an ISP aboce the Arctic circle. Well as you read along you come across the following paragraph:

"Now, many Inuit who follow traditional customs find even they need the Net. In Clyde River, hunting and fishing guide Levi Palituq, 33, hunts seals the traditional way - with temas of dogs, who sniff the seals through their breathing holes in the ice. He says he doesn't intend to buy a computer any time soon because he has heard that "computers are going to crash in the year 2000.""

Here we are worried about awareness, but yet a seal hunter above the arctic circle knows about it!:) Do I feel awareness should be stopped? NO! But honestly that paragraph brought a little smile to my face. Says to me SOMEONE is getting the word out there!:)


-- Rick Tansun (, October 20, 1998


And just Sunday I was told that many CEO's had not heard of Y2K and couldn't understand it if they did. Stuff like that sounds sillier every day, doesn't it Rick. Good post.

-- Paul Davis (, October 20, 1998.

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