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Ok, I've taken the plunge off the deep end. My very own personal baby of an Aeon Flux site is now operational. It's something new in the online Flux world. I tried to make Services Rendered as immersive as possible ... something you might find on the Breen Linenet ... it exists as wholly as I can make it in Aeon's own Universe. Anyway, I had a blast putting it together, and I hope you all enjoy it...


So drop on by and check this out - and then send me some E-mail, eh? Tell me what you think.

PS: One caution - the site is mainly for you die-hard Aeon Obsessives out there. Neophyte Flux Lovers, prepare to be confused...

-- Charles Martin (, October 19, 1998


bizarre, due. I've gotta go back and finish reading "behind the curtains," but it was really cool, surreal, and something that (sadly) few can appreciate. But i did. Great job.

-- Owen Black (, October 24, 1998.

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